10 Best Brisbane Golf Courses 2022

Flog your way to glory the some of the best golf courses Brisbane has to offer.

Australians and golf go together like peas in a sun-kissed pod. It’s a hugely popular sport here Down Under, with well over a million of us partaking in a few rounds on the regular. Naturally, golf is great for your health and fitness, as it keeps you active, promotes strength (how else are you going to whack your balls several hundred yards) and even helps to keep your brain in check.

Indeed, the social nature of golf not only lends itself to helping you spark up new friendships (or rivalries, as the case may be) but in doing so, your mental health will benefit too. We can’t speak for the stress-induced if you miss that birdie putt on the 9th, though.

Luckily for those halfway up Australia’s east coast in Brisbane, the city is home to a huge number of golf courses. As it to be expected from the world of golf, some require you to have a membership before you even think about stepping foot on the fairway, while others are open to the public at all times, all you need to do is book yourself an allotted tee-off time.

And, with Brisbane being so close to the coast, several of the clubs we consider to be the best in town, offer up some incredible views, which you can savour even just by heading to clubs with a driving range bolted on to the side.

So, start limbering up your swinging arm as we take you through the very best golf courses to be found in Brisbane, and if you need some fresh balls, a new glove or some clubs, Brisbane’s best golf shops will hold you in good stead.

Best Brisbane Golf Courses FAQ

How many golf courses in Brisbane?

There are over 20 golf courses in Brisbane, covering the CBD and the surrounding suburbs, so finding a course close to home should be simple. Two of those courses: St Lucia Golf Links and Victoria Park Golf Complex, are owned by Brisbane City Council, the rest are privately owned.

Which golf course is closest to Brisbane Airport?

There are two golf courses close to Brisbane Airport: the Royal Queensland Golf Club and Nudgee Golf Club.

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