Trendy Brunswick Home Hides A Backdoor Secret


Melbourne streets are often lined with quaint little homes but one particular Victorian terrace located in Brunswick East is garnering attention for all of the right reasons. Designer reasons.

Quarry House received a drastic makeover from Hook Turn Architecture who borrowed the historic lines of the home and completely enhanced it with a touch of the digital age out back.

The historic portion of the build pays tribute to the location’s history of brick and bluestone quarrying whilst the striking rear design reveals a uniquely modern look of double stacked boxes.

The ground floor is designed to mimic a brick box whilst the upper level takes after a bluestone box. Consistency in the build was retained in order to remain faithful to the home’s original architecture. What most wouldn’t realise though is that the front is completely non-descript in its 1880 Victorian guise, making it near-impossible to know such a bold design concept has gone on out back.

The rear receives the maximum amount of natural lighting possible as much of it is needed to really appreciate the art deco inspired fit out indoors. Geometric shapes flow throughout the home with a clash of pastel and striking fluorescent hues.

And then there’s the cool lighting features, implementation of lush floating greenery and the mix of white brick, natural wood and matte black steel.

Think milk crates in Melbourne alleyways given the neo-art treatment and you’re about on the money. Money which can’t buy you this kind of cool.