Quick And Easy Home Upgrades You Can Make On A Budget

These man cave makeovers are low-cost and high-style.

budget home upgrades

First impressions matter. When a date comes in for a ‘nitecap’ to be greeted by wrinkled band posters torn from college dorm walls and battered furniture salvaged from street corners, you’re not getting a second night together.

It’s time to grow up and let your décor grow with you (even if you don’t have the dough to splurge on a total renovation).

Level-up your living space with these wallet-friendly, room-by-room budget home upgrades that can be completed in a weekend.


budget home upgrades
A quickie kitchen upgrade that can be classic or bold

You’re not stuck with your backsplash, even if it’s literally stuck in place. Skip tearing it out in favour of an easier DIY that adds character to your kitchen with minimal effort and expense. The simplest way to refresh the current material is a new coat of paint (if you’re feeling particularly artsy, add a geometric pattern). Alternatively, go rustic by adhering wood planks over your original backsplash, or embrace modern minimalist vibes with a mirrored backsplash that can be applied over the existing design.

Living Room

budget home upgrades
An easy path to new texture and colour

After you’ve invested in a few timeless pieces of furniture, you can transform the living room around them by swapping out your textiles. A statement area rug can completely change the look of the space with a single purchase. New blankets and throw pillows can revive old sofas and chairs without the expense of replacing the actual pieces. A new set of curtains or shades also allows you to change up textures and colours at a relatively small cost.

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Dining Room

budget home upgrades
Let there be (new) light

Install a fresh fixture. A stylish dining area is essential in any bachelor pad, and one of the easiest ways to achieve that style is choosing a lighting scheme. Hanging pendant lights are a popular choice for a dash of masculine, industrial aesthetic above the dining table. Opt for dimmable lights to set the mood when you’re trying to woo a date.


budget home upgrades
A bedroom makeover as simple as making your bed

Borrow the living room strategy for your bedroom. New pillows, blankets, and bed linens are the easiest way to renovate a bedroom without breaking out the serious tools. But if you’re feeling the urge to play handyman, adding a headboard is another way to express your style and reinvigorate the space. You can DIY a headboard from pretty much anything – wood, fabric, shelving, artwork, metal, recycled objects, floating furniture – to suit your style and budget.


budget home upgrades
Tap into style

Toss the old taps to give your sink a new lease on life. Bathroom fixtures come in a dizzying array of shapes, finishes, and perhaps most importantly, price points. Installing a new faucet is an easy and inexpensive project to tackle yourself, and should only take an hour to complete with the right parts and tools. Worst case scenario for the DIY-challenged, you can simply paint an outdated material to modernise it.

Any Room

budget home upgrades
Go green or go home

Whole place in need a makeover? No need to bring in the wrecking ball. An entire apartment can be upgraded economically with a fresh coat of paint (get inspired by these accent walls) or some vibrant vegetation. Here are the indoor plants even black thumbs can’t kill – or, if you’re feeling ambitious, the D’Marge guide to creating vertical gardens.