Parisian Photographer Captures 'Weird' Beach Habit Australians Think Is Normal


Parisian Photographer Captures 'Weird' Beach Habit Australians Think Is Normal

Image: Amaury Tréguer (aka @morningbondi)

Australia has more quirks than a scribbly gum has squiggles. From trees that naturally look like a toddler drew all over them to a coastal populace which strips off and jumps in ravenous waters on the daily, if you tilt your head in the right light we certainly live up to the ‘loveable weirdos down under’ stereotypes.

Speaking of… a Parisian photographer based in Sydney’s iconic Bondi beach has just taken to social media to share an Australian habit that may loosen the stomachs of some of the more civilised prudish countries around the globe.

Budgie smugglers.

Speedos, sausage sizzlers, male hot pants… call them what you will; when Sydney is buffeted by a brisk southerly (and we all wake up shaking in our boxer shorts) these seem to be the last guys left standing, Amaury Tréguer (aka @morningbondi) reckons.

Only the bravest “show up all year long” Amaury told DMARGE. “Unfortunately most of them wear dick stickers.”


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In a photo posted to Instagram yesterday, Amaury wrote: “Chilly. Grrrr… This morning was cold, turned up in tee-shirt, quickly regret it. The wind was quite unpleasant but lucky the sunrise was alright. You know it’s winter when I start taking photos of men in Speedos.”

“There is not much [else] going on.”

Image: @morningbondi (reposted by @paris_vs_sydney)

There are two trends that might raise the eyebrows of those around the globe here. One, as DMARGE covered last year, is the winter ritual of going for a dip no matter the thermometer (something done, it should be noted, not just by men).


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The other is speedos.

Inspired by a poll conducted by Instagram account @paris_vs_sydney, Amaury took it upon himself to ask his followers about their swimwear preferences.

64% of respondents said they prefer board shorts to budgie smugglers.

Image: @paris_vs_sydney (reposted by @morningbondi)

This came as a relief to the stylish Parisian (who has been living in Bondi since 2010): “Phew…. I’m glad to see that Morning Bondi followers have a sense of fashion and style. Please tell me the ones who inadvertently vited for ugly ‘dick stickers’ were just skipping my stories [winky face],” Amaury (half) jokingly wrote.

While the benefits of cold water therapy are well documented, as are the mental health benefits of socialising regularly (part of the reason morning swim groups are so popular), we are yet to see any sophisticated studies into speedo wearing.

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Perhaps this stylistic choice is being unfairly maligned (and is due a comeback) like the mullet? Or is it destined for the great fashion dustbin in the sky? Who will win? Hurley and co. or


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One for the boffins at Cambridge (and Cleo) to ponder…

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