These Are Melbourne’s Most Amazing Burgers

For days when a quinoa salad just doesn't cut it.

These Are Melbourne’s Most Amazing Burgers

The humble hamburger has grown into a serious foodie movement in recent years, leaving behind the tattered old fast food image for something that causes gourmet lovers to go weak at the knees.

These days it’s all about the wagyu patties, the salt aged beef, the American jack cheese and McClures pickles sandwiched between secret sauces. This is the humble burger but not as your ten-year-old self once knew it. And these are the ten best burgers Melbourne town has to offer.

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Easey’s began life in a train carriage in Collingwood where it slowly worked its way up the ranks of the burger empire. Today it’s one of Melbourne’s finest offering up a solid menu which includes their signature monstrosity called the Melbourne Madness (double patty, double cheese, bacon, potato cake and dim sim). Crazy? That’s the point.

637 Chapel St, South Yarra

The Beaufort And Ike’s

The specialty here is wood smoked meats complemented with a mean burger menu. The double patty cheese, the chicken, the shroom, the triple patty and of course, the Frankenstein pulled pork and beef burger. There are no losers at this burger joint. 

421 Rathdowne St, Carlton

Royal Stacks

Taking the best of locally sourced produce and serving it between a bun is Royal Stacks. The beef here comes from Ross Laconis of VIC Meats and is 100% Australian, pasture fed and made daily. Following in the footsteps of New York institution Shake Shack, the Royal Stacks menu also includes frozen custards and concrete mixers for those with enough room for dessert.  

470 Collins St, Melbourne

Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill

They don’t call this place a gourmet burger joint for nothing. Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill is renowned for its handmade gourmet burgers which borrows the freshest local ingredients as the star between its buns. Bob’s signature burger is named, you guessed it, Fat Bob, a behemoth packing a 180g grass-fed patty along with bacon, egg and all the trimmings. Actually, Bob believes in going big or going home so all oh their burgers pack 180g beef patties. You’ll be going home fat and happy and that’s exactly the point.

80 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin

Rockwell & Sons

Good wholesome food is what Rockwell & Sons is all about with everything from a double patty burger to a fried chicken burger to a pressed rib sandwich. It’s all on offer here and it’s done in the most fashionable way to feast both your eyes and your bellies. 

288 Smith St, Collingwood

Betty’s Burgers

At Betty’s it’s all about the classic 50s burger shack aesthetic backed by amazing burgers. The emphasis here is on fresh, simple, quick and delicious food made right in front of the customer’s eyes to ensure there’s a story to tell in every bite. When that’s all done, people can move onto devouring Betty’s in-house made frozen custards and concretes.

97 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Royale Brothers

These guys are the winners of the best burger in Australia 2016 so there’s not much to say except try the damn Royale with cheese and then wash it down with one of their finest ice cream and sorbets.

1 Church St, Brighton 


Creativity rules in this burger lab with the classics cheeseburgers paired with 8bit’s special sauce right through to a fried chicken offering with sriracha mayo. Those with balls bigger than their stomachs can opt for the ‘Double Dragon’ which is exactly what you think it is – a big ass burger.

8 Droop St, Footscray


Honed and crafted from years over the grill, Huxtaburger is located all over Melbourne and that’s a good thing because their burgers are consistently on point with everything from breakfast to beef to chicken to vege to mini burgers all catered for. The extensive menu naturally extends to desserts and shakes all done in-house. 

357 Collins St, Melbourne

Andrew’s Hamburgers

Simple in appearance but a party for your tastebuds, Andrew’s is a long standing institution in Melbourne which kicked off way before the new wave of burger-preneurs were even born – like, 1939 way back. Their burgers with the lot are backed up by an eclectic menu consisting of souvlaki and dim sims but it’s their reputation for beautifully prepared beef between the buns is what keeps the generations of customers coming back.

144 Bridport St, Albert Park