BXR Is The Latest Boxing Gym You'd Want To Live In

Boxing but not how you know it.

We’ve already looked at some of the best boxing gyms in Sydney and Melbourne, now let London town show the ring aficionados how to build a world class boxing gym that will leave people speechless.

BXR London is the latest state-of-the-art training facility to join the UK’s growing list of glossy boutique gyms and this one looks more like a designer bachelor pad than a sweat factory. The venue is spread across an expansive 1,115 square-metre space complete with 6 metre high ceilings, a juice bar, chic industrial finished amenities and more fitness equipment than you can poke a barbell at.

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Bergman Interiors co-founder Marie Soliman, who oversaw the gym’s design along with Albin Berglund told Wallpaper that, “BXR is a real showcase in the boxing world. We are reflecting the history, the glamour and the craftsmanship of the sport.”

“We used a rich blend of backlit dark tinted mirror, bronze accents along with warm Cognac-coloured leather.”

The goal behind BXR is to create a boxing space which is both theatrical in paying homage to the sport whilst being unintimidating to those who have never set foot inside a boxing gym. Short of wanting to move in and live there after joining, members can utilise BXR’s in-house clinic, throw back some organic juice from Joe & The Juice’s custom menu or simply admire the raw concrete decor complete with murals.

Even the in-house sound system possesses enough power to rival those of an Ibiza night club.

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