Expedition Plans To Bring Three People To The Most Exclusive Destination On Earth

Opulent adventure.

Caladan Oceanic, conducting an earlier expedition.

As society grounds to a halt, some are taking the chance to go on the adventure of a lifetime. And if their efforts prove successful, there could soon be another exploit to add to your bucket list.

That exploit? A dive deep down into Earth’s most exclusive destination. Made possible by EYOS Expeditions, a company dedicated to organising luxury expeditions in adventurous places, this dive is a breath of non-COVID 19 news in a Coronavirus saturated time.

As The Lonely Planet reported yesterday, EYOS “is working on offering the first-ever opportunity to dive at the deepest bottom of the ocean – right down into Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, at 10,928 metres below the surface.”

“This is the most exclusive destination on Earth,” said Rob McCallum, founding partner of EYOS Expeditions, in a statement. “More people have been to the moon than to the bottom of the ocean. Four thousand people have been to Everest and 562 to space; only seven have made it to Challenger Deep.”

The exploration team has a place for three brave, exclusivity-seeking souls. These ‘mission specialists’ will then join the group of scientists and experts in Guam and study their work before diving down into Challenger Deep.

The dive down “will take about four hours” The Lonely Planet reports, “then another four will be spent at the bottom of the ocean to take in the incredible view and film some amazing footage of this otherworldly environment, before starting another four hours trip back up to the surface.”

The dive will be done in a submersible provided by Caladan Oceanic, a company specialised in subsea technology. The vehicle has been pressure tested and has already dived to the bottom of the Mariana Trench five times, making it “extremely safe” The Lonely Planet says.

“The occupants of the submersible are completely protected by the 90mm thick titanium sphere and experience no pressure changes or physiological stresses at all,” it reads in its official description. “Indeed, the inside of the sub is quiet, peaceful and very relaxing.”

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