Calista Luxury Resort: Hotel Industry Thriving In Turkey

Keep calm and drink cocktails.

Calista Luxury Resort: Hotel Industry Thriving In Turkey

Image: Calista Luxury Resort

As the travel industry came to a halt in early 2020, tourists who like to scratch their itchy feet with soft billowy feathers (read: rich ones) feared for the worst.

For those in the Antipodes, Euro July plans were reluctantly discarded and local jaunts were put on hold as interstate squabbles ensured uncertainty over even domestic Australian trips.

The situation was similar in America, with grand travel plans being replaced by prosecco protests and controversial Missouri pool parties (certain tourism dependant destinations like Costa Rica and The Bahamas are now starting to open up to remote workers).

Speaking of bouncing back, in Turkey it appears a rather lavish hotel (prices start at AU $600 a night), Calista Luxury Resort, is getting back in the swing of things, with guests’ Instagram posts providing us with a sneak peek into what like is currently like at the 5-star luxury Mediterranean resort.


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Over the last month, travellers have shared images and videos of everything from four-wheel drive expeditions and boating adventures…


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… to relaxing in the resort.

The only thing missing (or if it’s not missing, it hasn’t featured in any recent posts) is the pool yoga.

The Calista Luxury Resort has a private stretch of Mediterranean beach, a Surf and Sailing school, and luxury spa facilities. Not to mention: there are 10 golf courses within 7 km of it.

Suffice to say: the resort is tempting not only for wealthy local residents, but overseas tourists (the ones who are permitted to leave their country and visit, anyway). As The Sun reports, holidays to Turkey are now costing tourists less as the local currency plummets.


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If that weren’t enough of a drawcard Calista Luxury Resort also has 5 floodlit tennis courts, a 5-a-side football pitch, a bowling alley and more boating opportunities than you can throw a ballast at.

On top of that, all guest accommodations at Calista Luxury Resort have a private balcony or terrace, with sea or mountain views, satellite TV, free WiFi and a spacious en suite.

Some of the photos the resort uses to advertise itself on appear to show there may also be a butler service.


As for health and safety, Calista Luxury resort states: “Since the opening of our hotel, to ensure a healthy and safe environment like your home during your holiday, our health and safety efforts have been fully met with international standards and are periodically inspected by international independent organisations.”

For more information, read the full report here.

Nearby Maxx Royal Golf Resort & Spa guests appear to be having a ball too, with more and more luxury boating images showing 2020 isn’t a nightmare for everyone.


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As Istanbul-based luxury yacht manager Candaş Balci recently told DMARGE, due to the pandemic preventing many from enjoying their usual summer sprawl in places like Monaco and Cannes, “it’s a very busy season in Turkey right now.”

Once The Pandemic situation eases, however, Candaş says the first places he believes The Super Rich will flock to are: the south of France, Italy, Ibiza, Sardinia and St Tropez.

“For one or two years they will stay locally on the Turkish coasts, Greek Islands maybe [which has a more relaxed policy currently in place for visitors]… after that – very busy days for Ibiza and St Tropez.”

Cannes, Antibes, Portofino, and Monaco are on Candaş’ clients hit lists too.

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