Calvin Harris Is Wearing The Winter Suit's Greatest Secret Weapon

Turtle power.

He may look like he’s having the worst time of his life but make no mistake Calvin Harris is a man who’s still at the top of his game (he did earn US$48 million in 2018).

But it would appear that Harris had yet another ace up his sleeve – a damn good turtleneck, a.k.a. the winter suit’s greatest secret weapon. At the 2019 Brit Awards overnight Harris stepped out on the VIP red carpet in a killer Tom Ford olive/brown suit that showed off an impressive sheen under varying light. Funnily enough the sheen appeared to change with Harris’ mood as he went from red carpet to award recipient (hit the gallery to see what we mean).

Harris paired the fitted Tom Ford fat lapel suit with a simple black turtleneck. Whilst lacking in any real accessories, Harris did polish off the look with a shiny pair of loafers. Simple, effective and ridiculously stylish with a slight throwback to the 70s is the only way to describe this one man band.

Now for those who aren’t too keen on the broody colours that Harris has employed here, you’ll be pleased to know that the combo can be applied to other patterns and hues.

Even funny guy Kevin Hart jumped on the turtleneck bandwagon recently, so maybe it’s time you took on the deep freeze in style.

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