Can You Wear A Suit Jacket As A Blazer?

We've all done it in a pinch, but is it actually the done thing?

Can you wear a suit jacket as a blazer?

Answer: yes, but only if the jacket is correctly tailored and has the right style of fabric. Let us explain…

The main difference between a suit jacket and a blazer is their level of formality. A suit jacket is typically designed to be worn as part of a matched suit, while a blazer is a standalone jacket that can be worn with different trousers or even jeans.

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If you want to wear a suit jacket as a blazer, there are a few key considerations:

Fabric and Pattern

Even a brown suit can make a casual statement with the right-length jacket.

Choose a suit jacket that is made of fabric and a pattern that resembles a blazer. Solid colours, subtle patterns, and textured fabrics like tweed or hopsack are commonly associated with blazers. Avoid loud pinstripes that would normally look out of place.


The devil is in the detail. 2 button affairs work best.

Suit jackets often have matching buttons that are designed to coordinate with the suit trousers. If the buttons are too formal or noticeable, you might consider replacing them with buttons that are more appropriate for a blazer. Brass, metal, or contrasting buttons are common choices for blazers.


A suit jacket with shorts? If it’s the right jacket, then no problem.

To create a blazer-like appearance, you can pair the suit jacket with trousers that don’t match the jacket, such as chinos, khakis, shorts or jeans. This helps distinguish the outfit from a formal suit. Don’t be afraid to roll with a double-breasted jacket too. Rocking shorts with a suit jacket can also be a fun smart casual look.


Consider the occasion and context in which you plan to wear the jacket. Wearing a suit jacket as a blazer is more suitable for casual or semi-formal events, such as business-casual settings, parties, or social gatherings. It may not be appropriate for more formal occasions.

Remember that while wearing a suit jacket as a blazer is possible, it might not always achieve the desired effect. If you frequently find yourself in need of a blazer, investing in a dedicated blazer that fits well and matches your personal style would be a wise choice.

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