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Cathay Pacific ‘The Wing’ Review 2024: The Most Self-Indulgent First-Class Lounge Experience Ever

After the COVD years, Cathay Pacific is back, baby.

Cathay Pacific ‘The Wing’ Review 2024: The Most Self-Indulgent First-Class Lounge Experience Ever

We touched down in Hong Kong on a recent European trip to sample all the delights. One was the Island Shangri-La, and the other was Cathay Pacific’s Business Class and Lounge offering. One standout was The Wing, the airline’s most exclusive lounge.

Cathay Pacific’s ‘The Wing’

If you’re passing through Hong Kong and have Oneworld Emerald status, do yourself a favour and book a Cabana in advance. You’ll appreciate the over-the-top, unnecessary experience of bathing in transit.


  • Food and beverage offer is great
  • Cabanas are a stroke of genius
  • Bathing mid-journey is the ultimate indulgence


  • There’s only one

For most of us, schlepping through airports on long-haul flights feels like being herded like cattle. We contort into small seats, endure long waits for connecting flights, and arrive at our destinations with sore bones and long faces. But then, some get to experience the comfort of the very best airline lounges—little oases amidst a sea of tired travellers where you can relax and recharge.

However, not all lounges are created equal. Consider the contrast between the Aspire lounge in Amsterdam, known for its warm Heineken, dirty toilets, and pay-per-use showers, and Cathay Pacific’s incredible ‘The Wing’ lounge in Hong Kong Airport.

The Wing takes the lounge experience beyond champagne and caviar with the introduction of the Cabana, possibly the most self-indulgent 90-minute lounge experience ever.

Flight: CX111 (AMS to HKG) A350-1000
Airport: Hong Kong
Lounge: Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class
Loyalty Status: Oneworld Emerald

Cathay Pacific’s The Wing is one of Asia’s—and perhaps the world’s—most luxurious and well-appointed lounges.

We landed at 6:00 am, just in time for The Wing to open. The lounge was deathly quiet compared to a few hours later. It is adorned with Chesterfield sofas and soft leather recliners and offers supreme luxury for business travellers.

Whilst slightly dated in some parts, the Wing still provides one of Asia’s best and most luxurious lounge experiences. I’ve been here three times now, and I love it more every time.

The good news is it’s due for an upgrade this year, which means it will be even better.

Food and Beverage Heaven in The Haven

Starting with a green detox juice after 3 weeks in Italy.

By 7:00 am, the lounge was buzzing, not with First Class passengers, but businessmen and women scooting throughout Asia on daily hops.

The Haven was quickly full of diners eager to make the most of the superb offering.

The Haven offers an à la carte menu more suited to evening flights, and a simple breakfast buffet is available in the main lounge area. The self-serve Piper and Drappier champagne is a nice touch too. At 7 am, you ask? Why not.

Breakfast crepes and a buffet to dream of.

Cathay Pacific’s Cabanas: A Hidden Gem

The Cabanas are very well hidden and only available to Oneworld Emerald and First Class passengers. Usual curiosity and question-asking opened this oasis’s doors—your self-contained space to relax and recharge. Due to our very early arrival, we booked a Cabana for the full 90 minutes allowed. Note: bookings are essential.

In the Cabana, you can get changed and relax while they take care of everything. Get your clothing pressed and returned promptly while you shower and freshen up in a fluffy white robe.

Sadly, I did not need anything pressed this time, but I’ll bring all my laundry next time.

The Cabanas are stocked with premium amenities: body wash, shampoo, and conditioner provided by Jurlique, plus more toothbrushes and shower caps than you have teeth or heads. One thing missing was hair products for men with wild post-flight hair.

The Bath: The Ultimate Indulgence

What to do when you have a 3-hour layover? That’s right, you try the bath. Good thing you have 90 minutes because the bath takes a while to fill. I’m not one for selfies, but this one was too good to pass up.

I used the remaining 60 minutes to soak like a big fat crocodile. Though I’m not typically a bath guy and find them incredibly boring, even on a 3-hour layover, I was very clean and relaxed.

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Refreshed and onto Sydney on the A350-1000

Seeing Hong Kong back in full swing is a glorious sight.

What a difference 90 minutes can make. In one of the world’s best airports before jumping on my next flight to Sydney.