What You'll Need To Create A Cool Home Wine Cellar

When your collection has outgrown boring wine racks, it’s time to consider a cellar

Conventional wine cellars conjure images of dank underground dugouts. But in 2017, dusty and stale cellars are long gone.

Once a feature of the uber-wealthy and their ostentatious mansions, cellars are popping up everywhere. No longer relegated to the basement, they’re finding their way above ground in prolific numbers. Why? Because we’re a bunch of winos and domestic collections are popping up in homes on almost every street in the country.

When your collection has outgrown boring wine racks, it’s time to consider a cellar. Want a masculine cellar? No worries. We’ve rounded up the top ten qualities every man’s cellar should possess.

Temperature Control


The #1 most important aspect of a successful cellar is temperature control. Never skimp on this part, or think you don’t need it. If you truly value your collection, storing it appropriately is essential. An average of 12 degrees is the agreed ideal temperature for reds, while 7 degrees suits white vintages. Without proper temperature control, wines will become exposed to oxygen (a no-no for a perfectly aged vino) and mature prematurely.

Tech Friendly


A man’s cellar should come with all the bells and whistles. We’re talking temperature and humidity control, futuristic lighting, wine fridges and maybe a big-screen TV. Don’t forget to install dimmer controls for evenings when your lady friend is visiting. 



Inject some masculinity into your wine ‘den’ with materials of the wood and stone varieties. For something a little more contemporary, opt for stainless steel. Not only does it look sleek and masculine, steel has the added benefit of being easy to clean and keeps germs at bay.

Always choose woods that resist rot and deal with cool, moist conditions. A natural, oil-based finish looks great when teamed with stainless steel or glass.



There’s nothing sadder than an unseen collection. After dropping all that coin to kit out a new cellar, get your money’s worth with glass doors to ensure the collection – and the space – is always on display. Floor to ceiling door are popular, with curved designs becoming more common.



Lighting is key to a functional and sexy cellar. Highlight prized wines with a combination of traditional, track and LED lighting. For traditional lighting, be sure to buy bulbs with UV protective coating. Halogen set-ups need to be frosted and tempered to avoid over-heating. Really impress your guests with LED lighting. Take inspiration from the ‘Fine Wine Shrine’ in Tennessee. We’d worship at the shrine of these lights any day.

Spiral Cellar


As you descend a spiral cellar, you’ll be forgiven for assuming the identity of James Bond, Batman and every awesome crime-fighting dude rolled in to one. These built-in cellars are expensive, but so worth it. Smart engineering and built-in ventilation keeps humidity at bay while keeps bottles at the ideal temperature regardless of the weatherman’s predictions. 

Table Manners


Grab the boys and some bottles for a game of poker around a statement table. The style and materials will depend on your cellar’s design aesthetic. Take inspiration from this impressive cellar.

Tasting Area


The ‘tasting area’ doesn’t need to look as fancy as it sounds. An oak barrel surrounded by half a dozen stools will suffice.



Plush loungers: Every man’s cellar needs a plush seat or two where you can get down to serious man stuff like cigar smoking and cognac tasting.
Wooden bar stools: As well as the aforementioned seats, some wooden stools are a must. They will give your cellar a relaxed bar-atmosphere where you can knock back a bottle or two.

Oak Barrels


A cellar without an oak barrel is an injustice. Use them creatively for a rustic, masculine ambiance.

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