Chadwick Boseman's Academy Awards 'Suit Gown' Is Next Level WTF

What are those? No, seriously.

Chadwick Boseman's Academy Awards 'Suit Gown' Is Next Level WTF

The 91st Annual Academy Awards is in full swing at the moment in Hollywood and one of the first celebrities to grab our attention off the ranks is Chadwick Boseman.

Is it a suit? Is it an overcoat? Is it a dressing gown? The simple answer: it’s all of the above.

As you can see from Boseman’s daring red carpet look, there’s definitely an extravagant tuxedo jacket there shod with dazzling metallic black and blue embellishments. Beneath that there’s no traditional shirt – that’s been replaced with with a black shirt with an oversized tie that harks back to the Victorian era.

We’re not done yet though. It appears that Boseman’s tuxedo jacket also features an elongated tail taken to the extreme. We’re not exactly sure if this look will ever take off beyond Hollywood awards season, but we guess you can’t argue that Boseman actually looks like the king of Wakanda showing up for an international summit meeting. The look was completed with conventional black trousers and pointed leather boots.

Did the king pull off his red carpet wardrobe? We’ll let you guys decide.

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