Chadwick Boseman Will Steal Your Wife With His Red Carpet Wardrobe

Wakanda's finest.

Chadwick Boseman Style

Boseman. Chadwick Boseman. Even the name has a suave ring to it and now the 41-year-old Black Panther actor has backed it up with a red carpet wardrobe worthy of stealing hearts and wrecking homes.

At the recent premiere run of the standalone Marvel film known as Black Panther, the first feature comic book film to feature an entire black cast and director, Boseman rocked a range of winning looks.

The first was a loud floral motif blazer paired with a black turtle neck and trousers. It’s loud but in the most sophisticated way possible, making it the perfect fit for the leading character. The same can be said about Boseman’s lavish gold foil satin double breasted blazer with Japanese flower motif. Could you pull it off? Not likely. And that’s because you’re not Chadwick Boseman.

Even when Boseman dabbles in triple black, there’s a degree of thought and careful curation put in with high gloss double monk shoes paired with a zebra print overcoat.

Does he win the red carpet look to date? Certainly. Will he steal your dearly beloved given the opportune moment? You can bet on it. Watch your back.