Step Inside A Thinking Man's Bachelor Pad In Chicago

It's not just about Scandinavian design when it comes to cool bachelor pads. This Chicago man cave made for a mathematician is drawing all the right interior lines.

We’re no strangers when it comes to unearthing some of the world’s coolest bachelor pads to fuel your interior fetish.

One of the latest we’ve stumbled across is a real stand out though as it’s a genuine step away from the polished (and sometimes familiar) ways of Scandinavian cool. The particular home in question is a downtown Chicago apartment built for a mathematician who appreciates the finer aesthetics in life.

That means lots of play with geometric shapes and lines paired with a dazzling array of colours, the latter of which is rarely found in Scandinavian design. Inspired Interiors looked after the design of the home which makes ample use of the owner’s collection of graffiti art, contemporary furniture pieces and books.

The real beauty resides in the lounge area which features both modular seating in navy and some of the most intricate designer chairs made of cables by Cassina.

Most importantly the designers ensured that the home was an extension of the mathematician’s personality in a liveable space. And for the true motor junkies out there, a reclaimed 1970s Porsche seat was re-upholstered and turned into a beautiful reclining chair.

Elsewhere in the home it’s all about clashing patterns paired with floor to ceiling views of the Chicago skyline.