These Comments On Chris Hemsworth's Instagram Prove Women Are Nearly As 'Thirsty' As Men

As your summer six pack morphs back into a keg, you might start to question your annual hibernation cycle. As for your partner? If Chris Hemsworth's Instagram is anything to go by, they already have.

It’s coming to the tail end of summer and guys everywhere are loosening their belts and skipping gym sessions. After all: if spring is for working on your summer bod; autumn is for working on your winter one. But as your six pack morphs back into a keg and your triceps return to gelatinous undercarriages, you might start to question your annual hibernation cycle. As for your partner? If Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram is anything to go by, they already have…

The context: Chris Hemsworth recently spruiked his new health and fitness app, Centr, on Instagram, with a heart fluttering video. He then received more than he bargained for. And while the leading Hollywood man is no stranger to #thirsty comments, this latest batch is interesting because it shows the average dude how to (potentially) rack up some admirers of his own.

But first: the app. Centr was developed by Hemsworth and his team of hand picked experts, offering daily workouts, meal plans, meditations and a 24/7 community offering support. And although Hemsworth emphasised: “It’s your PT, dietician, chef and wellness coach all in one,” it seems many of his female followers are more interested in the (presumably) shirtless, behind-the-scenes “extras” advertised.

“It’s not a diet. It’s not a boot camp. It’s not just weight loss either. There are meal plans and snacks you’ll actually love, workouts you’ll look forward to, and practical techniques to keep your head in the game.”

The app works around a Facebook-esque newsfeed, where you can scroll through your weekly planner, see newly-added workout or meditation videos and recipes, and swipe away the ones you don’t like. But again: that’s not what the following commenters were focussed on.

What were they interested in? Most likely the heady insights the app promised to give into the lifestyle of the Australian actor and his trainers, which (in theory) helps you develop a positive mindset of success, motivation to achieve your goals, accurate information to make the most of your efforts, and a sense of accountability.

And something to drool over.

“I don’t think I’d get my workout done I’d just wanna watch and admire lol,” one comment beneath Hemsworth’s latest Centr post reads.

“This is the one you were talking about,” with a heart eyes emoji, said another, tagging her friend.

“Puedo ver en este video que no necesitas de tu martillo para ser asombroso” (I can see in this video you don’t need a hammer to be amazing), a third added, taking the #thirst international.

They say love transcends all, and when it comes to Hemsworth’s sculpted physique, it certainly does, with the comment fest soon migrating over to Twitter.

The conclusion? If Aussie men are to compete with Hemsworth on any level, we might need to take heed of the old saying: “If you can’t beat ’em, join em.”


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