Chris Hemsworth Shares Scorching 50-Rep Dumbbell Workout Challenge

Picking up Thor's hammer will probably be easier.

Chris Hemsworth Shares Scorching 50-Rep Dumbbell Workout Challenge

Chris Hemsworth, as we all know, loves to stay on top of his fitness and will regularly push his body to the absolute limit in the pursuit of chiselled abs and monstrous pecs. And now he’s issued a 50-rep dumbbell challenge that will almost certainly be harder than it looks.

Taking to Instagram to issue the challenge, which forms part of his Centr workout program, Chris Hemsworth can be seen on a helipad floating in the ocean (because where else would you work out?) performing 5 dumbbell exercises for 10 reps each. Chris has previously displayed his preference for using just one piece of equipment to complete a complete body workout, with this equally tough barbell workout.

Of the workout, Chris says, “Every 10 reps the exercise will change but the difficulty gets easier don’t stop until you hit 50 reps!!!” Easier? Yeah, sure mate.

WATCH: Chris Hemsworth’s 50-Rep Dumbbell Workout Challenge

The five dumbbell exercises include:

  • Dumbbell burpee curl – The burpee is often regarded as one of the best, yet one of the most hated exercises in existence. And here is Chris adding in an overhead press after every burpee. Guaranteed to have you gasping for air after you hit 10 reps, it’s a fantastic full-body burner. 
  • Squat curl press – Similar to the previous exercise, the squat curl press requires you to complete a squat whilst holding the dumbbells down by your side, and after every completed squat, perform an overhead press. You know your shoulders are going to be burning after this one. 
  • Alternative reverse lunge and curl – Making sure your legs don’t get off easy, Chris’ next exercise is an alternating lunge (5 on each leg), whilst holding the dumbbells down to your side followed by a bicep curl. Be sure to not rush this one. It can be all too easy to try and smash out the lunges as quickly as possible, but doing so will neglect form and overall benefit of the exercise.
  • Bicep curl – Every gym bro’s favourite move makes an appearance, finally. For this set of 10 reps, simply curl both arms at the same time, no alternating here. 
  • Standing shoulder press – And finally, to really ensure you won’t be able to lift your arms for the rest of the day, Chris finishes his 50-rep workout with a standing shoulder press. Again, it’s important here to not neglect form, so ensure you brace your core as you perform each press, 

With one round done, Chris says to rest for 60-seconds before doing it all over again for a total of 5 rounds. Nobody ever said getting fit was easy.

Chris’ workout has received a fair number of comments, including from fellow Marvel actor Chris Pratt, who said, “Thanks for the inspiration!! Just did it. Great quick workout. Didn’t have dumbbells so I used big rocks I found on the beach. Gods honest truth. Continuing to inspire us boss.”

Another user made a quip at Chris’ workout location, saying, “I can’t do them. I haven’t got a helicopter pad.”

If you feel like your workouts have been lacking lately, then this one from Chris is sure to get your heart rate going.

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