Walk On Water With Christo's Dazzling New Art Project

Christos The Floating Pier

It’s neither sorcery nor something out of the Bible. Bulgarian-born artist Christo is giving anyone the opportunity to walk on water with his latest project, The Floating Pier.

For 16 days, a saffron-coloured walkway will connect two small islands in a lake in Northern Italy to the mainland. The path stretches three kilometers, or nearly two miles, across Lake Iseo in Lombardy. It’s made of nylon fabric, reports The New York Times, and is designed to change colour according to the time of the day and the weather.

Christo first envisaged a floating piers project 46 years ago, finally bringing it to life now after 22 months in development. The project faced countless challenges. The walkway needed to both gently undulate and remain securely affixed to the uneven lake bottom, a dilemma that took an army of engineers, construction companies, French deep-sea divers, and even a team of Bulgarian athletes to solve.

The Floating Pier is now open and free to the public 24 hours a day, until July 3. After that, it will be will be dismantled and its parts recycled and resold. “The important part of this project is the temporary part, the nomadic quality,” Christo said. “The work needs to be gone, because I do not own the work, no one does. This is why it is free.”