These Churches Were Converted Into Surprisingly Stylish Modern Homes

Churches Converted Into Homes

If there’s one thing real estate geeks love, it’s old buildings repurposed into stylish – and sometimes unexpected – modern spaces.

Here on D’Marge, we’ve coveted ancient caves converted into serene Spanish abodes. We’ve ogled factories that have become lofts and warehouses that have become homes. We’ve even seen a church transformed into an oasis for skateboarders and street artists.

And speaking of churches…

These stunning churches converted into homes will renew your faith in the power of interior design. Not every designer would be up to the task of merging modern furnishings with stained glass and cathedral ceilings, but in the right hands, the blend of old and new works beautifully. See for yourself in the gallery above.

Converting a church comes with unique challenges. Renovation costs can be high, especially if the original structure lacks facilities like a fully-equipped kitchen or bathroom. The layout could be a difficult departure from a conventional home. Energy efficiency is a concern, and if the building is historic, you may face restrictions on the changes you’re allowed to make. You may even find yourself with a graveyard on your property.

But imagine walking through your double front doors into a room with vaulted ceilings. It’s cavernous, but still cosy. A colourful pattern is splayed across the floor, courtesy of your soaring stained glass windows and the generous light they let in. The old walls and wooden beams speak volumes about a time gone by, while contemporary furniture and a minimalist colour palette keep your home connected to the present.

Any challenges of conversion are worth it for such a spectacular space. We dare you not to feel #blessed.