Study Reveals The One Men’s Fashion Item Women Find Most Irresistible

It's classic for a reason.

Study Reveals The One Men’s Fashion Item Women Find Most Irresistible

A golden rule about fashion is that you should be dressing for yourself first and foremost. You should dress well because it makes you feel good and gives you an opportunity for self-expression, not because you’re looking to impress members of the opposite sex (no one likes a desperado).

But we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t, at least in part, dress up in order to impress potential suitors. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, really. Our feeling? If you’re dressing up in order to score a date, then you may as well commit. So what’s the #1 thing a man should wear if he’s looking to attract female attention?

Turns out the answer’s been staring us right in the face: it’s the classic suit.

UK retailer WatchPilot conducted a study to find out which outfits people find most attractive on men and women (depending on their sexual preferences) that found that a whopping 46% of females prefer a suit and tie for blokes.

Other key findings from the study include that women like dark shades on men, boots are the preferred footwear, and the most attractive accessory a man can wear is a classic wristwatch (no surprises there). Interestingly, high-top sneakers came up relatively short in the survey, which polled over 2,000 Brits. We wonder if you’d get a different result in a more basketball-loving country like the US…

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On the flip side, the men in the study said the outfit they find most attractive on women is swimwear and a bikini – again, probably not a very surprising result, but one that calls for some self-reflection, B&T argues:

“It appears that women’s bodies are still hugely objectified – something which we’d argue is a double standard when you see that the most popular outfit on men was a suit and tie.”

Food for thought indeed.

If your wardrobe lacks a good suit (or two), check out our guide to the best suit brands for gentlemen on a budget.

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