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These $175 Sneakers Are The Perfect Alternative To Common Projects

The white sneaker you buy when you don’t have big bucks.

Ok, you’re in the market for a white sneaker. After one Google Search, you’ll know what you want. Common Projects Achilles Low, we agree, they are simply the best white sneakers you can get and there are reasons why we and everyone else thinks this.

Firstly, their clean, minimalistic design means that they’ll not only look cool for years to come, but they also look fantastic with just about everything.

Secondly, their build quality is second to none. They’re made in Italy from a combination of calf and smooth leather with a margom sole, all these are simply the finest in their fields. In combination, this is what has given the Common Projects their cult status.

So whats the problems with these clearly, fantastic sneakers I hear you ask? Well. They cost $459.

The alternative? Buy these, the Oliver Cabell Low 1

Whilst they are not Common Projects, they are very similar. They’re handmade in Italy from a selection of Italian leathers and similar soles. So the quality is up there with the US’s, but what about the design? Even with 20/20 vision you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference.

The best part? They cost half as much at about US$178 / $240 AUD. 

But they’re still not Common Projects? We really wouldn’t worry about this, the minute amount of people who are a part of the cult might turn their nose up at them, but everyone else is just going to appreciate them as a beautiful white sneaker. And for you? You’ll have saved yourself $250, it doesn’t get much better than that.

How’s the sizing you ask? We found we’re half a size down from our US shoe size. So if you’re an 11.5 in Nike, then you would be a 11 in Oliver Cabell.

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