How Compression Wear Can Enhance Your Workout

We’re here to help you understand why compression gear is everywhere, what it does, and who the biggest names in the game are.

Compression Socks

If you’re determined to complete your new year’s resolution this year and you find yourself constantly at the gym, it’s likely you’ve encountered a couple of gym junkies or freakishly ripped cross-fitters heaving their way through the room in a pair of compression shorts.

The athleisure movement has seen an explosion of compression apparel over the last few years – whether the workout is limited to scrolling through Instagram at a local cafe, trying to impress mates with a one-rep squat, or a full-on training session.

Before you collapse at the notion of decking yourself out in enough spandex to embarrass Spider-Man, we’re here to help you understand why compression gear is everywhere, what it does, who the big boys in the business are, and why you should be stocking up.

The Benefits of Compression Gear

You might scoff at the notion of prancing around the gym in a leotard, but compression apparel – whether it’s socks or shorts – is reputed to offer some valuable benefits to your next workout.

For men out there who are prone to chafing, compression gear wicks away moisture and stops skin abrasions in their tracks. Compression garments are also designed to stimulate blood flow, ensuring that strained muscles receive enough oxygen during periods of elevated activity.

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They prevent fluid accumulation in muscle tissue, which is a boon considering how muscle fibers tend to swell and expand under pressure. Compression gear is also a valuable recovery tool. The additional pressure from these garments can reduce swelling – provided you continue to wear them after you’ve hung up the dumbbells, and taken your fifth and final selfie for the workout.

Compression gear, like any part of fitness, is designed for long-term application. It’s debatable whether you’ll get any benefit from wearing them as just an occasional addendum to your fitness outfit.

It’s also important to consider your lifestyle in your choice of compression gear – a swimmer wouldn’t wear compression socks, and a boxer wouldn’t bash his opponent’s head in wearing compression tights designed for an Olympic sprinter.

Final Fitting Words

Compression apparel looks set to gather more steam and sweat in the coming season.

You don’t need to go head to toe skin tight, but it’s worth adding a pair of shorts or socks to your workout ensemble and seeing the benefits stack up. Whether you’re preparing for Knees of Fury or just like to create the impression that you can move mountains, it’s never been cooler to be seen looking like you’re a barbell-crushing superhuman, so take a look at our curated list below featuring the best brands you can get compression wear from.

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