Sydney Pub Forgets It's 2019; Bans 'Stylish Menswear' From The Premises 

If you thought the lockout laws were bad, get a load of this...

A stylish bum bag (fanny pack, for those across the pond) has been the irreverent accessory of choice for male style icons since at least 2018. From Coachella to the Milan Runway, everyone from Dwayne Wade to Jared Leto has worked together to bring the most convenient fashion accessory back from the sartorial grave that American tourists put it in.


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But now, along with Nike TN’s (another fashion accessory once associated with dingy bus shelters and tracksuit pants, but now making a resurgence), high-vis ‘tradie wear’ and work boots (need we remind you these are what all the cool kids are wearing in winter), one Sydney pub has—in one fell swoop—banned the traditional garb of much of its male customers, from workmen to hipsters.

As the Radio show 2GB earlier this week reported, “The Marsden Brewhouse’s house policy outlines staff have the right to refuse entry to people wearing specific Nike shoes, male satchels or bumbags, and ‘offensive clothing.'”

“They have also banned all ‘tradie wear’, including work boots and Hi-Vis clothing, after 6pm.”

The owner of the pub in Sydney’s North West, Arthur Laundy, denied the controversial dress code, telling Radio 2GB that he never approved the policy and didn’t know where it came from: “The moment I found out about it was this morning and it was pulled down immediately.”

“Nobody seems to know who put it up there.”

Image credit: Radio 2GB.

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