20+ Masculine & Stylish Bathrooms That You Will Want to Live In

Cool Bathrooms

By now you’ve probably spent a fair dime on every corner of your bachelor pad, making it the schmick abode it truly deserves to be. But how about the most sacred place of all – a man’s bathroom?

“Ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat,” we hear the war cries. Well we’re calling it: The modern man spends just as much time in the bathroom as he does toiling away in his masculine garage these days so it’s imperative that you have the right space with the right tools to carry out the everyday tasks for keeping up appearances.

With that we’d like to give a big welcome to the modern bathroom, a place where business gets done but more importantly a place which can reflect a man’s personal style and interior design acumen. Think of it as an intimate man cave within a man cave.

From the rustic to the modern, we’ve put together 20+ masculine bathrooms to ensure you stay clean whilst your design thumb remains on point. Get clicking to see our selection of the world’s coolest bathrooms.

Interior stylist and founder of Sourceress Belinda Cendron says there are some easy hacks to follow to get the perfect bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for men.

“Firstly, for a fresh look and natural air purifier, and if space permits, a potted plant is a must,” she says.

“Aloe vera and Boston Ferm are well known to enjoy low light, high humidity and the warm temperatures of a bathroom.”

“Number two (no pun intended), make sure it smells pleasant, clean, and even inviting. I don’t mean the sweet smell of toxic bleach, but that first if need be. Try an all-natural cleaning spray (Bondi Wash Bench Spray smells great and removes 99.9% of the bad stuff). Oil diffusers and candles offer a low maintenance cover up for emergency situations.”

Cendron also recommends investing in high quality cotton towels in a colour that complements your bathroom. “If in doubt, go white”.

The most important thing to bathroom interior design though is to make sure you have room to move.

“Don’t clutter the floor space and clean out the shaving cabinet at least annually to ensure the morning ritual is a productive and pleasurable one,” says Cendron.

“After all, it’s the one room of the house where you’re likely to do some of your best thinking.”

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