The Best Bartenders In The World Drink These Ten Cocktails

Don't leave the bartender hanging. Be the bartender.

Cool Cocktails

“You should go talk to that broody guy drinking the Appletini over there,” said no woman to her friend ever.

In a boozy world polluted with diabetes-inducing cocktail lists and questionable concoctions, finding that perfect dose isn’t as simple as it once was. You want a cocktail that complements your style: clean, relaxed, yet sophisticated as hell. Not a Strawberry Pom Mojito.

At D’Marge, we enjoy the classic dosage and fully embrace their new counterparts that are truly delicious. So before you head out to the bars this weekend, load up your arsenal with these ten masculine cocktails and wet your weary whistle the right way.


Savour those rich Earthy tones

Time to break your ties with Negroni. For her stunning, whisky-bottom cousin is back with no plans of leaving. A bittersweet intermingle of bourbon-Campari-vermouth with rich, earthy notes. Serves as a sturdy digestivo or proper dosage midway through the night.

Hanky Panky

Think sweeter than a Martini and less bitter than a Negroni

Famed by Ada Coleman of The Hotel Savoy in London. This 50/50 gin-vermouth, Fernet Branca spiced cocktail is fit for explorative palettes. Think sweeter than a Martini, less bitter than a Negroni with a forward punch. Sounds funny, but an intriguing tipple for guys who like to drink off the beaten path.


A classic delight ideal for date night

Dark and seductive, this classic delight is ideal for date night. Sip slow, take in subtle oak and sherry undertones of well-aged whiskey. A balance of Sweet Vermouth and bitter herbs and spices. All with a cherry on top. It’s the drink of gentleman everywhere, but only a skilled barkeep make it right.

Anejo New Fashioned

Enter the vanilla undertones of bourbon barrel aged tequila and agave

Finally, a handsome tequila cocktail for the modern day gentleman. Take in vanilla undertones of bourbon barrel aged tequila and agave. Mixed with orange and angostura bitters for a light, citrusy twist. Stirred and served for sophisticated sippers who desire more than a Tequila Sunrise.


An exceptional late summer sipper

When done right, the Sidecar is an exceptional late summer sipper. A perfect balance of sweet and sour complementing orchard fruit and floral cognac hints, shaken and served up with a lemon twist. Order VSOP or higher for a clean, refreshing taste from this classic brandy cocktail.


Be your best 1950’s rendition of James Bond

Be your best 1950’s rendition of James Bond with his signature cocktail. “Three measures of Gordons, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?”

You’re the boss, Mr. Bond. Except Kina Lillet ceases to exist, so Lillet Blanc makes an exceptional substitution for this particular drink.

Dry Martini

Never underestimate the suave sophistication of a Dry Martini

Nothing beats the suave sophistication of a Dry Martini. Combine the botanical aroma of upscale Gin with a generous splash of dry Vermouth. Drop an olive on the stick. Viola! Instant Gentleman. Order stirred not shaken unless you’re looking for ridicule.


America’s one and only classic cocktail

America’s one and only classic cocktail. A delightful play of tempered rye spice and citrus with a light, sweet, and aromatic finish in absinthe rinsed glass. Serves as a delightful substitute for our beloved Old Fashioned (no, we did not forget about it). No hallucinations required.

Gin Rickey

An easy sipper all year round

Originally a bourbon tipple, the Prohibition bathtub gin movement gave way to this Gatsby favourite. An easy sipper year round, this light and tart dosage freshens up the spirit during hot days by the pool or a dreary winter day. Made from gin, lime juice, and seltzer, you can mix it at home or order at the bar with ease.

French 75

Enjoy during boozy brunches or midday happy hours

A Parisian champagne cocktail named after the powerful Field Artillery French 75mm gun. Delivers a strong dose of gin, champagne, a splash lemon juice, and two dashes of simple syrup.

Enjoy during boozy brunches or midday happy hours. For a stronger variation, trade gin for bourbon and upgrade your weaponry to the French 95.