Flowers That Will Actually Add Masculinity To Your Home


Flowers have remained synonymous with the fairer sex for far too long and it’s time the men of Australia embraced sweet smelling flora in their homes.

Well-picked and arranged flowers can bring a home to life with a touch of living elegance and masculinity. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting giant pink blooms and delicate petals. Instead, check out our top man-friendly flora picks guaranteed to inject life your humble abode.

Australian Natives

The native Banksia

Sturdy, patriotic and visually striking, you can’t go past a bunch of Australian natives for any room in the house. The warm and often earthy tones of native flowers lend themselves well to a man pad and they can be sourced year-round. Another bonus? Natives thrive in water far longer than regular blooms and can last up to a month with adequate water changes.

A few Aussie icons that should have a place in your home include:

  • Banksia
  • Kangaroo paw
  • Scarlett ribbon
  • Bottlebrush
  • Grevillea (spider flower)

Snap Dragon (Khalissi is not included)

Cool name, cooler flower

As the name suggests, the Snap Dragon is said to resemble the mythical fire-breathing beast (sounds pretty manly, right?) Just squeeze the stem and watch the ‘mouth’ snap open and closed for an interactive floral arrangement that will impress your mum and your mates. Avoid pretty pink snapdragons and combine the red and yellow varieties for a more manly arrangement.

Maroon Cymbidium Orchid

Maroon for the darker rooms

The Cymbidium Orchid is one of the easiest orchids to care for, making it appropriate for the busy modern man. When the orchid flowers, the rich maroon colouring oozes sophistication and masculinity. Suited to most climates and growing prolifically in Queensland, invest in a few Maroon Cymbidium Orchids and scatter them inside and outside the home.


Not just good for beer

Hops is the wonder flower responsible for flavouring beer, and for that reason alone it deserves a place on our list of dude-friendly flowers. But the power of hops doesn’t stop at the brewery. It has been used in herbal remedies for centuries, and in recent times they have cropped up in florists across the country.

Just remember: if you run out of beer, resist the urge to drink your old hops water – no good will come of it!


A timeless classic

Technically plants, there are numerous breeds of cactus offering flowering components that work well in a masculine space. In fact, the tough and prickly nature of cacti can be said to mirror that of our masculine dispositions, so why not bring the no-fuss plants into your home.

A few suitable flowing varieties include:

  • Easter cactus
  • Christmas cactus
  • Pincushion cactus
  • Rainbow hedgehog cactus
  • Queen of the night orchid cactus



Tropical flowers are a favourite among the fellas thanks to their structural and exotic properties. The Heliconia flower is one such tropical beauty that could be making an appearance in a vase near you soon. The brilliant red and yellow flower (flanked by large green leaves) is actually related to the banana, and you don’t get much more masculine than that!


A thick and fleshy stem of up to 20 inches – enough said

Leave delicate perfumed petals to the ladies and embrace the waxy sturdiness of Anthurium flowers. Heart shaped and available in an array of red hues, the flower is attached to thick and fleshy stem of up to 20 inches – impressive!

Colour & Arrangement

The list of flowers mentioned here is just a guide to get you started. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home with flowers, so choose what appeals to you. The trick is to arrange the blooms thoughtfully and uniquely.

For example, place flowers in old glass bottles rather than traditional vases or use tin cans to hold shorter-stemmed flowers. Also focus on bold colours like reds and oranges instead of pinks and purples, and opt for less perfumed and more textured flowers.