Cool Garden Shed Ideas To Level Up Your Garden

Score some serious garden shed cred with our guide to backyard storage solutions and the fine art of escapism without actually leaving home.

Big or small, wooden or metal, there’s a garden shed for every man’s needs. Whether you’re storing tools, bikes, people or maybe your vintage magazine collection that the partner refuses to let you keep in the house, a garden shed is the perfect place to do it all.

If you’re looking to DIY with a pre-fabricated kit, or you simply want to install a ready-made model, get some serious ‘shed cred’ with our guide to backyard storage and escapism. Don’t disregard it till you try it – the garden shed is where the magic happens.

Garden Shed Materials

Good Wood


If there were a beauty pageant for garden sheds, timber designs would always take the crown. Natural timber garden sheds possess a traditionally masculine appeal. They tend to be the most expensive option, but also require the most upkeep to avoid warping, mould growth and insect infestations.

Untreated timber garden sheds are not suitable for tropical conditions (we’re looking at you, North Queenslanders). The humidity will do more than make your girlfriend’s hair turn to frizz, it’ll also breed mould like a mother-effer. Besides that, timber garden sheds are pretty damn reliable for their asking price. Be sure to use a concrete or timber foundation so that it doesn’t sink into ground over the years.

WILLS Cubbies and Cabins offer top quality timber sheds that go the distance. The experts use treated timber and sound structural frames to provide enviro-friendly, sturdy sheds covered with Colourbond rooves and waterproofing.

Real Steel


Cheap and cheerful metal garden sheds are ideal for storage and maintenance is minimal.

It might not be the sexiest option, but DIY die-hards have taken to metal shed kitsets like Ben Cousins to illicit substances. The price, durability and functionality of metal sheds are almost unbeatable, if not a bit noisy during rain. Those going down this path can grab a free quote based on your specs from Steel Chief.

The foundation sits on plywood or concrete making metal sheds cheap and cheerful for maximum storage and minimal maintenance.

Plastic Player


Plastic fantastic! Plastic garden sheds have a reputation for being easy to construct and maintain. They offer versatility in confined spaces such as townhouses or semis. Sun damage affects plastic sheds more than wood and metal counterparts.

If possible, always position a plastic shed in the shade to minimise the need for repairs down the line. If shade isn’t forthcoming, we suggest you reconsider using plastic at all.

Plastic shed sizes ranges from tiny utility cupboards to monster 15x18m sheds. It’s a fine balance between price and durability for plastic sheds which often sit on a foundation of concrete or wood. Browse your plastics here.

Fabric & Canvas


Is it a tent? Is it a tepee? No, it’s a canvas shed. Fabric garden sheds are the cheapest and quickest type of shed to buy and set up.

Sheds are generally a pain in the ass to move, and if you’ve laid a concrete foundation then that bad boy ain’t going anywhere. But not fabric sheds.

Much like their tent siblings, canvas sheds are easily set up, disassembled and moved around.

A fabric shed is not going to last as long as wood, metal or plastic alternatives. In general, the fabric covering the frame will need to be replaced every five years to avoid wear and tear. This figure is dependant on weather conditions and where the shed is located. For example if it is tucked away in a sheltered corner of the backyard (against a fence) it will last longer and endure fewer tears than one exposed to the elements (especially prolonged wind gusts).

All it needs as foundation is a level ground so you’ll be saving money there. For affordable online options, we suggest navigating through Shed for Less.

Types Of Garden Shed

Lean To Shed


Lean-to sheds are suited to small homes and townhouses. If your backyard is minuscule, a three-walled lean-to set up against a wall of the house or a fence ensures maximisation of useable space.

Find impressive lean-to sheds at Cedar Shed.

Stand Alone Sheds


Stand-alone sheds can be tailored to suit big and small spaces.

Corner Sheds


Corner sheds are another great option for men with limited room. Corner sheds average six or eight square meters.

Japanese Shed


Super cool oriental-inspired sheds are aesthetically pleasing and add style and function to your outdoor living area.

DIY & Kitset sheds


For the man who likes to do it himself, or anyone on a tight budget, kitset sheds are the way to go. With pre-cut and pre-punched sections and comprehensive instructions, you can put one together in a weekend.

However, you should also be prepared to experience DIY drama and rage-quits, in which case you’ll need to bring in a specialised handyman who is familiar with the brand and construction process.