40 Creative Accent Wall Ideas & Inspirations

accent wall ideas

The accent wall is a familiar concept, but creative minds continually find fresh ways to update the trend.

It’s not just about making a loud design statement. A feature wall can be used to break up a large space, emphasise an interesting architectural feature, or incorporate a dramatic colour without going full Willy Wonka. Choose the wall in question carefully. Accent walls work best when there’s a logical reason why that wall deserves special treatment over other walls in the room.

The simplest way to create a feature wall is to throw on a coat of eye-catching colour. According to colour theory, warm hues – reds, oranges, yellows – pull a wall towards the eye. Cool tones – blues, greens, purples – push walls away from the eyes. Use the former to make long, narrow rooms feel more balanced in size. Use the latter to make skinny rooms seem wider and short rooms seem longer.

For an even more striking statement, integrate multiple colours or a design. A striped wall, even in plain black and white, is extremely compelling. A geometric pattern is even more eye-catching (but not for the faint of heart). If intricate painting isn’t your style, wallpaper is an easy way to achieve an impressive accent wall.

Sometimes it isn’t about colour or pattern at all. A well-placed art collection is equally effective as a highlighter, or try using textures and materials to transform a space. A wall in a single, neutral colour instantly becomes interesting when 3D shapes turn it into a tactile experience. And wood? Let’s just say you don’t have to be roughing it in a cabin for a wood wall to look incredible.

Check out the above gallery of accent wall ideas to inspire your next interior design project.