Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend: Ronaldo Responds To Thirsty Comments

Nothing is sexier than a guy who is confident in his own skin - and doesn't feel the need to snoop through your DMs.

Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend: Ronaldo Responds To Thirsty Comments

Cristiano Ronaldo just chartered a $330,000 a week yacht to take his family to see Antibes in style. However, as soon as his girlfriend — Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez — posted a couple of bikini shots of herself lying on the French Riviera luxury vessel to Instagram, the ‘thirsty’ comments started rolling in.


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From “how sensual” and “oooook” to “my beauty” and endless ‘fire emojis’ — the 8,000 odd comments from adoring fans (between the two posts) might have been enough to make a lesser man start to feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Not Ronaldo.

CR7 simply responded with a photo of his own, and the caption, “amore mio” (my love).


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Amore mio 💏😘

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While there is a potential plot twist in the works (there were also some ladies commenting on Ronaldo’s girlfriend’s post asking “where is the captain”) this goes to show that when another man hits on your girlfriend the best course of action is to maintain your cool.

No doubt this is easier when you are an international superstar, but hey, we can all do our best to channel our inner confidence.

Or, worse comes to worst, you can take your mind off it via physical activity, with reporting that “the Juventus star… was spotted… doing a flip off the stern, flying down a water slide and riding a jet ski.”

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