Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Paid More Per Minute Than You Do Per Month


Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Paid More Per Minute Than You Do Per Month

Ever wondered how your salary stacks up with Cristiano Ronaldo’s? Here’s a PSA: don’t.

As per his 120 million euro deal with Serie A leaders Juventus, CR7 is set to receive 120,000,000 euros over the next four years, which equates to 189,000,000 Australian dollars.

This breaks down into AU$47 million per year, AU$4 million per month, AU$913 thousand per week, AU$130 thousand per day, AU$5.5 thousand per hour, AU$91 per minute and AU$1.50 per second. There’s also another way to measure it: but we’ll get to that…

This salary—more than 3 times that of the next highest paid player in the league—reflects Juventus’ attempt to clinch not just another Serie A title, but to become an even more lethal Champions League threat.

Despite the controversy around his departure from Madrid, it’s unlikely Ronaldo will be too upset, especially considering that earning AU$5,431 an hour, “Means that the Portuguese superstar can earn up to AU$43,448 during an eight-hour sleep,” (via Fox Sports). If that’s not a productive siesta; I don’t know what is.

Anyway, as the average Australian earns $6,528 per month, this means that old mate “tear drop” thigh’s daily salary is more than 20 times the average Aussie’s monthly pay cheque.

Or, if that comparison isn’t eye-watering enough, consider this: if Juventus plays 50 games per year (which, when you include extra curricular comps like the Champions League, they normally do), that means that Ronaldo gets paid AU$940,000 per game.

This equates to AU$10,444 per minute; AU$3916 more than the average monthly salary ($6,528) of an Australian citizen.

However, contrary to what you might expect, instead of invoking social outrage, this fact has actually prompted a nuanced salary cap debate betweens Australians, Americans and Europeans alike.

Some people, however, forget that Australia has a salary cap.

Whether this cap is draconian, or a smart way to grow domestic Aussie football slowly and sustainably, the fact remains that Ronaldo, who earns AU$47 a season, makes more than the entire A league (excluding marquees who are outside the AU$2.928m per team salary cap) put together.

He also, as this list (via Fox Sports) shows, puts a number of other Aussie institutions to shame.

  • NRL: AU$9.1m salary cap per season per club – meaning CR7 is worth more than the entire squads of three NRL teams.
  • AFL: AU$10.37m salary cap per season per club – Juventus’ new boy is worth the same as three entire AFL squads.
  • BBL: AU$1.6m salary cap per season per club – Meaning that the two seasons worth of BBL salaries from every club is still less than what Ronaldo will make in a year.
  • Sydney property prices: Median house price is $1,111,124 – meaning Ronaldo can afford to buy around 45 houses a year.

But when you look at the stats, you can hardly deny he deserves it…

Unfortunately for Zeeshan: Madrid let him go. Fortunately for Zeeshan, the following video (and Madrid’s woeful start to this 2018/19 season) proves him right.