Cristiano Ronaldo Abs Photo With ‘Ripped’ Son Has Internet Asking: Are Six Packs Genetic?


Cristiano Ronaldo Abs Photo With ‘Ripped’ Son Has Internet Asking: Are Six Packs Genetic?

Image Credit: @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo has posted a photo of himself and his son. Both of their abs were on display. The post has a lot of followers commenting on his son’s future, and about recovery methods.

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest footballers of all time, Manchester United’s prodigal son, and Iconic Ab Man, has taken to Instagram to share a photo of himself and his son, both with their abs on display.

He captioned the photo “recovery time with my boy.” There was a door with a porthole in it in the background. This is presumably where the recovery session (or perhaps a classic CR7 workout of terrifying proportions) took place.

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Many Cristiano Ronaldo followers shared how impressed they were with the pair. “Present and future,” one wrote. “GOAT” said another.

This isn’t the first time Ronaldo has shared photos of his eskimo like recovery techniques. Otherwise known as whole body cryotherapy, this recovery method can, according to CNETfacilitate “faster workout recovery times, reduced inflammation, pain relief, muscle healing, weight loss and increased flexibility.”

Obviously six packs are not genetic, but that didn’t stop the good people of the internet wondering about it. And although six packs are not passed down in your genetic code, your parents do have a strong bearing on your attitude to health and fitness.

A study in the Journal Of Pediatrics found that “when both parents were active, the children were 5.8 times as likely to be active (95% confidence interval=1.9, 17.4) as children of two inactive parents.”

The study also found that “possible mechanisms for the relationship between parents’ and child’s activity levels include the parents’ serving as role models, sharing of activities by family members, enhancement and support by active parents of their child’s participation in physical activity, and genetically transmitted factors that predispose the child to increased levels of physical activity.”

It seems you can blame your dad for your beer gut, then…

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In other Cristiano Ronaldo news, Erik ten Hag, Manchester United’s incoming manager, has given further indication that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to stay with Manchester United, calling him a “giant” and saying he looks forward to working with him.

This comes after speculation Ronaldo might leave United after they fell out of Champions League contention this year, with the Champions League being a big thing for Ronaldo (he won it four times with Madrid, and once with Manchester United back in 2008).

Watch below: See how Cristiano maintains his epic physique.