110 Cross Tattoo Design Ideas: Inspiration For Your Next Ink

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Men regularly get cross tattoos to show their love and appreciation for God. The cross represents the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and if you are not scared to let the world know about your faith, getting a cross tattoo inked on your body will be enough to tell everyone more about yourself and your religion.

Now, while the idea seems simple, there are many models you can choose for a cross tattoo. The possibilities are endless, so whether you want to get something small and cute or a large, bold cross on your skin, you’ll surely find a model to settle for.

SBut chances are you haven’t selected your design yet because you don’t know what would work best for the chosen body part. There’s no need to worry, though – below, you’ll be able to find a list of cross tattoos that anyone should consider in 2024.

Minimalist Cross Tattoo

Minimalist Cross Tattoo Source @leyem via Instagram
Source: @leyem via Instagram

If you want something small and symbolic, a minimalistic cross tattoo might be the best choice. Besides, something small is always a good pick when it comes to biblical root tattoos. Because it is so straightforward, it will be easy to notice without taking the attention away from the other art pieces you have on your skin – if any. 

Jesus Cross Tattoo

Jesus Cross Tattoo Source @ivanlopezart2e via Instagram
Source: @ivanlopezart2e via Instagram

To make your tattoo more detailed, but also to create something that is representative of your faith, adding Jesus Christ himself to the cross can make your tattoo more special. This can be done in many ways. You can go with the classic symbol of Jesus on the cross or find other ways to include the savior of humanity in this design. 

Wings Cross Tattoo

Wings Cross Tattoo Source @ap_a.r.t via Instagram
Source: @ap_a.r.t via Instagram

A cross with wings can be a wonderful way to show your love for God. You can add some uniquely-shaped wings in a tribal design, or go with angel wings. The latter can symbolize the perception of love. Besides, it can serve as a reminder that God is always by your side. 

Three-Cross Tattoo

Three Cross Tattoo Source @emanuelpolotattoo via Instagram
Source: @emanuelpolotattoo via Instagram

Lately, lots of men have been settling for the 3-cross tattoo, not only for religious reasons but also for artistic ones. It’s up to you to decide what this tattoo means. It could either be a symbol of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit or represent the three crucified men who included Jesus Christ. If one cross is not enough to show your love for God, three crosses will surely be the satisfying option.

Tattoo of a Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Tattoo Source @somervillen via Instagram
Source: @somervillen via Instagram

You must have seen several people rocking their Celtic cross tattoos, whether in your immediate friend circle or just someone you passed by on the street. Celtic crosses are known for their stylized rings and knots, and you can create very unique patterns. Getting a Celtic cross can also be a way to honour your Celtic ancestors.

Thorn Cross Tattoo

Thorn Cross Tattoo

Thorn crosses are another symbol of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. It may represent the thorn crown Jesus was wearing when being crucified. Thorn crosses can tell the world not only that you’re a Christian but also that you are someone who faces life’s challenges with courage and that you were able to overcome many difficulties in the past.

Heart Cross Tattoo

Heart Cross Tattoo Source @heyheybitches via Instagram
Source: @heyheybitches via Instagram

Heart cross tattoos can symbolize love, faith, or both. This design can represent different things depending on the elements you add. For instance, a cross tattoo on arm with a heart cross design could symbolize how faith connected you and your significant other or even the fact that you love God. At the same time, a bleeding heart could show the love God has for humans. 

Name Cross Tattoo

Name Cross Tattoo Source @stagelefttattoo via Instagram
Source: @stagelefttattoo via Instagram

If a loved one passes away, getting a tattoo of their name on a cross will show your respect for them. What’s cool is that this design can be placed almost anywhere and still be as impactful. You can keep it on your hand or forearm if you want it to be easily visible or on your back or leg if you want to hide it when necessary.

Rose Cross Tattoo

Rose Cross Tattoo Source @cristina_vig via Instagram
Source: @cristina_vig via Instagram

When you combine a cross with a rose, you automatically make the tattoo design more unique. If you’re English, this can even be a patriotic tattoo for you. However, the rose also symbolizes joy, martyrdom, and purity in Christianity. This can be an excellent choice for cross back tattoos as well.

Infinity Cross Tattoo

Infinity Cross Tattoo Source @the_ripperdoc via Instagram
Source: @the_ripperdoc via Instagram

Are you looking for a way to show your endless love for God? Then you can go for an infinity cross tattoo design. Getting an infinity cross tattoo is the perfect way to let everyone know your relationship with God is permanent and that you’ll always trust God to show you the way to success. You can turn this into a small, simple piece or make it larger and more complex.

Tribal Cross Tattoo

Tribal Cross Tattoo Source @byzart via Instagram
Source: @byzart via Instagram

If you love tribal designs, then you can add this type of element to your cross tattoo. Because the points and curves of tribal models make unique designs, you’ll end up with an original piece if you choose the right artist. This can create a cool cross tattoo with tribal patterns on the arm or wrist.

Folded Hands Cross Tattoo

Folded Hands Cross Tattoo Source @balifamousink via Instagram
Source: @balifamousink via Instagram

Prayer connects you to God and lets you rely on Him for help and guidance when you or a loved one deal with difficulties. In this case, a great tattoo for you would be a cross with folded hands. It shows your gratitude, as well as your faith.

Tattoo of an Upside-Down Cross

Upside Down Cross Tattoo

Don’t worry – getting an upside-down cross on your skin won’t make you an anti-Christian. Upside-down crosses represent St. Peter. According to historical accounts, he asked to be crucified upside down when he was martyred. Therefore, an upside-down tattoo can symbolize your faith and sacrifice. This can be an edgy choice for cross tattoos for men on the arm.

3D Cross Tattoo

3D Cross Tattoo Source @awhe_tattoo_lifestyle_studio via Instagram
Source: @awhe_tattoo_lifestyle_studio via Instagram

3D-effect cross tattoos will look more spectacular and realistic, and you’re bound to fall in love with a piece like this. The tattoo will stand out, allowing everyone to see how big your faith in God is.

Dragon Cross Tattoo

Dragon Cross Tattoo Source @theinklane via Instagram
Source: @theinklane via Instagram

Dragons are fierce, and while they’re not typically the type of creature you’d think can be mixed with a cross, they can make your cross tattoo look more spectacular overall. Dragons symbolize power and luck; with a cross, they are bound to keep away negative energy and evil spirits.

Necklace Cross Tattoo

Necklace Cross Tattoo

Are you tired of forgetting to put your cross necklace back on, or do you feel uncomfortable wearing something around your neck all the time? Choose a necklace cross tattoo instead. It’ll be there permanently, representing your faith and proving that you’re so dedicated to religion that you are willing to get a permanent cross on your skin. 

Sleeve Cross Tattoo

Sleeve Cross Tattoo Source @puro_vato_loco via Instagram
Source: @puro_vato_loco via Instagram

You don’t have to settle for something small if you don’t want to. A cross sleeve tattoo will do a great job of proving that you’re one of God’s followers. In this case, you can use the cross as part of a larger design incorporating more religious symbols or connect it to a different type of sleeve that includes nice shapes and flowers.

Wrist Cross Tattoo

Wrist Cross Tattoo Source @marleytattooporec via Instagram
Source: @marleytattooporec via Instagram

Perhaps you want a religious cross tattoo that is easier to reveal when you want to show off your love for God. In this case, a wrist cross tattoo is perfect. You can place a simple cross on your wrist or get a rosary to surround your wrist. If you’re creative, you can easily adapt the cross to fit this small area. 

Lion Cross Tattoo

Lion Cross Tattoo Source @mike_artura via Instagram
Source: @mike_artura via Instagram

Cross tattoos on your chest can be combined with different animals, such as lions. A design of this sort will easily show to the world that you are a strong man who believes in God, and a leader ready to spread love and faith around him. 

Hand Cross Tattoo

Hand Cross Tattoo Source @joanna.flink via Instagram
Source: @joanna.flink via Instagram

Cross tattoos on your hand may be tricky because they are always visible unless you wear gloves, but they have become popular and quite mainstream. A cross on your hand ensures you always wear your faith proudly. 

Dove and Cross Tattoo

Dove and Cross Tattoo Source @luke_vella_skinlabel via Instagram
Source: @luke_vella_skinlabel via Instagram

The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. So, it’s only fitting that it is added to a cross tattoo behind the ear design, especially when you want the religious message to be more clear when people see the art piece. Doves can also represent love, innocence, and peace. 

Forearm Cross Tattoo

Forearm Cross Tattoo Source @furia139 via Instagram
Source: @furia139 via Instagram

The forearm is a popular placement for a small cross tattoo because it fits perfectly in this area. Moreover, the forearm is great for a large cross tattoo that you can complement with different other elements over the years. 

Angel Cross Tattoo

Angel Cross Tattoo Source @redeemingtattoos via Instagram
Source: @redeemingtattoos via Instagram

If you want a religious cross hand tattoo but don’t want it to be too simple, you can add an
angel to it. The angel can be next to the cross or it can even hold the cross. Whatever you choose, an angel will make the design more spectacular. 

Arm Cross Tattoo

Arm Cross Tattoo Source @diorinks via Instagram
Source @diorinks via Instagram

Undoubtedly, the arm is one of the best spots for a simple cross tattoo. What makes it so great is that it’s ideal for multiple designs, whether they’re small or large. The back of the arm is trending now for small, meaningful tattoos, so a small cross can fit perfectly there.

Cracked Cross Tattoo

Cracked Cross Tattoo

Cracked crosses look very cool regardless of the placement. They look good in black ink, as well as in color. The significance is that evil cannot harm the strength and love of Jesus Christ. 

Finger Cross Tattoo

Finger Cross Tattoo Source @loulootattoo via Instagram
Source: @loulootattoo via Instagram

If you want to go for something small and more subtle, you can choose a finger tattoo. Plenty of men get cross tattoos on their fingers nowadays. The right ring finger is a common placement because it can represent commitment. 

Anchor Cross Tattoo

Anchor Cross Tattoo Source @zorbatattoorishikesh via Instagram
Source: @zorbatattoorishikesh via Instagram

United Methodist Church missionaries use the anchor cross tattoo the most to remind them how they should do their work with faith, hope, and love. But you don’t have to be a member to get this tattoo, as it can still have the same impact on any person who wears it.

Chest Cross Tattoo

Chest Cross Tattoo Source @monn_tattoo via Instagram
Source: @monn_tattoo via Instagram

Since chest tattoos are so close to your heart, adding a cross in this area could mean that religion is very dear to you. On top of being a great way to show your love for God, the chest also makes a great canvas for this type of tattoo because it’s flat and wide. 

Eye Cross Tattoo

Eye Cross Tattoo Source @v.timina.tattoo via Instagram
Source: @v.timina.tattoo via Instagram

For a cool effect, you can get an eye with a cross inside of it tattooed on one part of your body. It could be a way of saying that whatever you do or whatever decisions you make, you always look towards God for the best advice.

Back Cross Tattoo

Back Cross Tattoo Source @emersonferreiraatattoo via Instagram
Source: @emersonferreiraatattoo via Instagram

The back is a wide area that allows you to tattoo any type of cross design in any size you want. This area is great for complex cross tattoos that incorporate various elements. 

Crown Cross Tattoo

Crown Cross Tattoo Source @alldaytattoobkk via Instagram
Source: @alldaytattoobkk via Instagram

A crown with a cross on top of it not only looks cool but is also a symbol of victory. It could mean that you’re looking up to heaven and the rewards that come after going through life and its difficulties. 

Neck Cross Tattoo

Neck Cross Tattoo Source @elixir_ink via Instagram
Source: @elixir_ink via Instagram

Due to being so visible, neck cross tattoos for men are considered rebellious. But they are more popular today, and if you want your faith to be known to everyone who meets you, the neck is a great placement for this tattoo design. Plenty of men get cross necklaces tattoos on their fingers nowadays.

Face Cross Tattoo

Face Cross Tattoo Source @sinsintattoo via Instagram
Source: @sinsintattoo via Instagram

Face tattoos are a bolder move that not everyone is willing to make. But if you love God enough, you won’t back away from this. People often have misconceptions about those who get tattooed on their faces. Nevertheless, if you’re brave enough, something small like a cross on your temple won’t look out of place.

Ankle Cross Tattoo

Ankle Cross Tattoo

TAnkles give you many options for small tattoo designs, with the cross being one of the most common. You can easily display it or hide it, depending on the case. If you have a lot of faith in God and you’re a grounded person, show it off with a cross tattoo.

Shoulder Cross Tattoo

Shoulder Cross Tattoo Source @samtattoo_art via Instagram
Source: @samtattoo_art via Instagram

Many people get shoulder tattoos to show them during the hot season. A cross on your shoulder will symbolize your strong faith in God and the fact that He always watches over you.

Faith Cross Tattoo

Source: @chrismfowler3

Another unique way to include the cross in your tattoo piece is by getting the word “Faith” inked onto your skin, with the “t” resembling a cross. It’s cool and subtle and can work anywhere on your body. It’ll surely show how strong your faith in God is.

Hope Cross Tattoo

Source: tattoomenow.com

Just like in the case of the “faith” tattoo, you can get the word “hope” tattooed somewhere on your body, continuing it with a simple cross. This will show how God gives you hope as He guides you through life, and it can be a less obvious tattoo that can be easily hidden.

Guns N’ Roses Cross Tattoo

Source: nextluxury.com

Cross tattoos don’t always have to be religious. If you’re a rock fan, you can get the famous Guns N’ Roses band cross, with each band member’s head on each end and the lead singer’s head in the middle. What better way to show your devotion to the band or rock?

Cross Shadow Tattoo

Source: tattoomenow.com

For a cool effect, you can make your cross tattoo invisible, with only the shadows of the cross being inked. It will still be clear what the tattoo represents, but it’ll be a more minimalistic design that will stay easily hidden when necessary.

Coffin Cross Tattoo

Source: @tattoodo

Are you a fan of Halloween? Nothing says it better than this coffin cross tattoo. The design can depict a cross on a coffin, representing life and death, but also being an excellent design that will put you in a spooky mood. This work of art can also include more elements, like leaves, flowers, skeletons, and other details.

Conclusion – What Are the Best Cross Tattoo Designs?

It can take some time to settle on a cross tattoo design, but we hope you’ll find this article inspiring. We’ve shown you a few ideas to make your skin look amazing and show your love for God so that you can find some inspiration here. With enough creativity, you’ll end up with a fantastic tattoo design.