Cruise Ship Waterslide Sends Woman ‘Straight To Hell’

A cruise ship passenger's 'nightmare' waterslide experience has triggered onlookers' greatest fears...

Cruise Ship Waterslide Sends Woman ‘Straight To Hell’

Images via @ymg_travels

A woman has got herself stuck in one of the worst – or, at least, most visible – places you can possibly get stuck, on a cruise ship. The incident occurred on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Ocean Loops slide. The woman got trapped on the ship’s huge enclosed waterslide, which overlooks the ocean (and is in full view of much of the deck).

A video of her stranding was posted to TikTok by user @ymg_travels, and has been viewed 15.5 million times at the time of writing. 

“WHEN THE LOOPING SLIDE FAILS!!” @ymg_travels captioned the video. The problem appears to have been the slide’s double-loop feature.

The woman rider gets down the first two bits of the ride without issue. On the last turn, however, she doesn’t have enough speed to go through the corkscrew. She then gets trapped (or, as The New York Post put it: “Her ship ’n‘ slide experience went straight to hell”).

The video finishes with the woman trying to scoot herself back to the starting point. The poster of the video, YMG Travels, told Fox News it was all ok in the end.

“The lady was not stuck in the waterslide for long,” YMG Travels’ TikTok account told Fox News. “There is a side door for the slide and she was out of it immediately.”

YMG Travels’ also said that “by the time I walked that way, she was out and ready to do the slide again.”

That didn’t stop TikTok users having their fears of heights and claustrophobia being severely unlocked.

“I can’t keep watching, I feel like im suffocating,” one wrote. “I would have a panic attack,” claimed another.

Another went even further, writing: “Im having an anxiety attack just watching.”

“Omg my biggest fears unlocked.”

YMG Travels then posted a follow up video showing what happens when the slide functions correctly. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

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