Someone Just Dropped Over $200,000 For This 49-Year-Old Whisky From Dalmore

Go big or go home.

Someone Just Dropped Over $200,000 For This 49-Year-Old Whisky From Dalmore

£108,900 or AU$203,000 can buy you approximately 50,000 cheeseburgers. Or if you’re more the distinguished purveyor, you could buy this single bottle of whisky called The Dalmore L’Anima – one of one in the world.

Why so special? The 49-year-old expression is a product of Dalmore master blender Richard Paterson and Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura. The blend itself consists of three expressions which come from whiskies that have been matured in bourbon and

L’Anima uses a blend of three ‘expressions’ with whiskies that had been matured in Bourbon and 40 year-old Pedro-Ximenez casks and vintage Port pipes. In other words it should taste damn good on the palate, but let’s let the experts explain that with flowery language. According to the Scottish whisky maker, L’Anima presents a scent of “sun-kissed raisins, bitter chocolate and old English marmalade” whilst tasting like “Java coffee, Demerara sugar, pecan pie and crème brûlée”.

The flavours reflect those found in Bottura’s three-Michelin starred Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. The sale was all for a good cause though with all proceeds going to Food for Soul, a non-profit organisation which encourages local communities combat food waste and poverty through the introduction of meal centres. It’s also an initiative started by the three Michelin starred chef himself.

“When Massimo and I first started discussing this collaboration it was clear we shared a passion to celebrate life by creating incredible food and drink,” Paterson said.

“It’s important too that Food for Soul benefit from the success at auction, ensuring more people can share in the simple yet wonderful moment of sharing a meal with people you care about.”

The only question we have to ask is how the hell do you go about drinking a $200,000-plus whisky? Mixing it with Coke is probably an incorrect answer. So we hit up our resident whisky expert Martin Eber of Time for Whisky who got to taste it first hand before giving it a resounding 93/100.

“Truthfully, I was expecting to enjoy the experience of this one, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the whisky. I’m happy to say it was absolutely fantastic – with huge complexity, something I look for, especially in a whisky of this age, [there was] no ‘off’ notes, no signs the whisky had been in the cask too long, and with flavours that work together in perfect harmony.”

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