Damián Ortega's Exhibition Is A Lesson In Explosive Artwork

When conventional art doesn't cut it, simply blow it up.

Damián Ortega

Mexico City isn’t short of cultural and artistic inspiration for its legions of visitors. Joining that movement this month is Mexican artist Damián Ortega who has turned the idea of art into an explosive visual experience.

The talented creative began his career as a political cartoonist before taking on projects of a slightly more heightened scale. And believe it or not, the piece that first garnered him attention was made entirely of tortillas that could be arranged depending on the exhibition. That tortilla piece currently resides in Guggenheim whilst Ortega has focused his efforts on a different kind of explosive exhibition – the industrial world.

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Think Vespas, VW Beetles, full furniture sets and an entire collection of gardening tools. To create the cool visual effect Ortega removes individual components from its rightful place before suspending them onto the ceiling for visitors to muse over.

Looking cool is one thing but showcasing the intricacies of engineering in the everyday world we often take for granted is another task altogether. Those keen to find out more on the exhibition can head over to the artist’s site.