Dan Bilzerian Reveals The One Thing He Hasn’t Ticked Off His Bucket List

More money, fewer problems?

Dan Bilzerian Reveals The One Thing He Hasn’t Ticked Off His Bucket List

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A bevy of beautiful women. An enviable car collection. Plenty of money in the bank. Dan Bilzerian has ticked off the ultimate bingo card of most ‘warped by Hollywood culture’ men. But the man himself has recently revealed there’s still one thing he still hasn’t done (the admission will have you saying “cry me a river,” but that’s neither here nor there…)

Speaking to YouTuber Adam22 on his No Jumper podcast, Dan Bilzerian revealed the one unfulfilled thing he has on his bucket list is to “become a billionaire.” The majority of us would love it if we just had a few hundred thousand in the bank, but for Mr. Muscles, he wants to see those 9 magic zeroes in his bank account.

WATCH: Dan Bilzerian tells Adam22 about how he wants to become a billionaire (explicit language)

But, Dan elaborated that he doesn’t want the reach billionaire status to help continue to fund his outrageously lavish lifestyle, but to simply say he did it. “It’s not really about the money, in fact I’ll probably just give most of it away,” he added.

“Maybe I’ll even downgrade. Actually, that was one of the things I wanted to do the moment I become a billionaire, is to go work at Walmart for six months, live in a s****y apartment and just completely reset.”

“But that’s the last mountain I want to climb.”

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Dan further claimed that once he becomes a billionaire, he’ll stop wanting to do things for money and “just do what I want to do.”

The modern Gandhi – who recently revealed his secret to a happy life – then, sort kind, kind of, maybe contradicted himself by saying he’s “doing s**t I don’t want to do,” in his quest for the billion dollars, such as turning up a trade shows and posting on social media “because it’s good for my brand.”

But, he’s previously said he doesn’t spend time doing things he doesn’t want to do – and claiming that people who have 9-5 jobs don’t have any free time left in their day to truly enjoy life.

Image Credit: @danbilzerian

So, which is it Dan?

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