Dan Bilzerian Hotel Workout Proof You Don’t Need A Gym To Get In Shape

Time to improvise.

Dan Bilzerian Hotel Workout Proof You Don’t Need A Gym To Get In Shape

With the global pandemic still showing no signs of being over soon – despite high vaccination rates in countries such as the UK – looking after yourself continues to be paramount.

In Australia, gyms across much of the country have had to close their doors once again as the virus rages again, and while they may be open in most parts of the US, with Covid-related deaths spiking once more, it’s understandable if you’d rather get your fitness fix elsewhere, such as at home.

But with many people unlikely to have their own home gym – whether it be a simple set of resistance bands or a fully-fledged squat rack – finding ways to keep yourself in shape can pose an obstacle. Fortunately, international playboy and man who only “does things [he] wants to do” Dan Bilzerian, is on hand to prove that you can turn everyday household objects into some home gym equipment.

Posting on his Instagram story recently, Dan can be seen bicep curling – or perhaps more specifically, performing hammer curls – with a pair of hotel chairs. Hammer curls are a fantastic arm workout that primarily targets the long head of the bicep muscle, meaning you can gain yourself a serious set of bicep peaks if you perform them often enough.

Admittedly, a pair of chairs could prove to be a little heavy or awkward to hold for some, but the underlying message that suggests you can find weights and workout equipment all around you is one to take onboard.

We’ve seen before how German muscle mountain Jo Lindner turned his home sofa into a complete gym, and of course you can perform a simple bodyweight workout to get the blood pumping and muscle building. But even using other everyday items such as bags of flour or sugar, or even some compost if you’re in the middle of a garden renovation, can all add extra benefit to your workouts.

If you’re still finding yourself stuck for ideas, you can check out fitness coach Jonas Hereora’s easy guide to replicating your gym workout at home.

Stay safe, and don’t let your gains suffer.

Dan Bilzerian is not afraid of a big workout [watch below]

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