Dan Bilzerian Shares ‘Game Changing’ Exercise For Putting On Lean Muscle

Sprinting for success.

Dan Bilzerian Shares ‘Game Changing’ Exercise For Putting On Lean Muscle

Dan Bilzerian has taken to Instagram to share a ‘game-changing’ tip for putting on lean muscle. And it’s nothing to do with lifting weights…

Dan Bilzerian, the caricature of ~man~ who makes a living parading his guns (of various descriptions) on the Internet, has taken to his Instagram Story today to tell his followers uphill sprints are a game changer.

Bilzerian said: “Uphill sprints are a game changer for getting lean and putting on muscle. I’ll type out my training routine as a lot of y’all been asking and I’ve been trying some new better supplement companies/peptides, I’ll put up what I’m taking now as well.”

Though his routine (at the time of writing) has yet to be posted, Bilzerian did share a video of him doing an uphill sprint on a treadmill, as well as some barbell curls, both of which you can see in the video below.

WATCH: Dan Bilzerian’s Secret To Building Lean Muscle

Besides helping you build lean muscle, uphill sprints strengthen your practical running muscles (glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves), boost your stride strength, reduce your propensity to injuries (as The Fitness Tribe points out, “hill sprints push your body to the extreme without allowing you to reach top speed, which is where injury typically occurs”), improve your running form, test you mentally and increase your stamina. They can also boost your metabolism and make your heart stronger.

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Bilzerian, who has 33.5 million followers, has been on a bit of a roll of late. Not only did he recently troll the Internet quite spectacularly (he posted a suggestive snap that had some people thinking he had got married in the south of France, before going on to say “marriage is a trap, stay single, smoke“) but he has also this year called out The Rock for having fake followers and shown off (another) inexpensive exercise for getting ripped.

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