How To Dress Like A Modern-Day Fashion Dandy

“The dandy must aspire to be sublime without interruption; he must live and sleep before a mirror.” So said Charles Baudelaire, French writer and noted 19th century dandy.

But this is 2016, and while we still aspire to sublimeness, it looks different in the 21st century. Gone are the elaborately knotted cravats of Beau Brummell, the frilled poet shirts of Lord Byron, and the velvet jackets of Oscar Wilde. The neo-dandy has adopted a less extravagant style, but still retains the refinement and sartorial savvy of his forebears.

Joe Black knows a thing or two about dressing like a dandy. The Australian menswear experts offer a range of dapper duds that do Baudelaire proud without breaking the bank. For Autumn/Winter 2016, Joe Black delivers a heritage-inspired collection with sharp cuts, understated details, smartly polished accessories, and a thoroughly British attitude.

If you fancy yourself a modern man about town, read on for five essential tips on dressing your dandy best. There’s even a stylish competition at the end for your efforts.

#1 Slim Down

The look is sharper than a Wüsthof blade. You’re after the streamlined silhouette of a slim-fit suit with trim lapels and a tie to match. Nothing is loose, wide, saggy, baggy, or billowing. Joe Black’s legendarily sharp cuts are modern but timeless. Try the Pacific jacket or the Cornerstone suit, topped with the debonair Astor overcoat. Joe Black suits can be purchased as separates to offer more flexibility and eliminate unnecessary alterations.

#2 Colour Outside The Lines

Like his esteemed predecessors, the modern dandy is not afraid of colour. He knows how to be bold without being garish or gaudy. Embrace current colour trends and balance them with perpetually elegant neutrals. Joe Black’s classic grey suits, tailored from 100% extra fine merino wool, are instantly lifted by an emerald tie or a burgundy pocket square.

#3 Break The Pattern

The rules for colours don’t just apply to solids. Alongside those more restrained staples a dandy wardrobe welcomes patterns with open (and well-tailored) arms. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. A patterned shirt, patterned tie, and patterned pocket square can work together harmoniously if you vary the size/scale of the patterns you combine.

#4 Accessorise Like An Expert

The devil is indeed in the details. With a solid foundation in place (see #1), you can let your unique sense of style shine through. If you favour a throwback look, try adding a Don Draper-appropriate tie clip or a classic felt hat. If you prefer something more modern and minimal, rock your pocket square with a clean, straight fold. And if you want to break all the rules, wear a suit and a fully-buttoned shirt but nix the tie – even an absent accessory can make a statement.

#5 Get Tactile

Don’t shy away from textured fabrics. They add dimension and a certain sensuality to an outfit. A knit tie allows you to experiment with texture without committing to anything too intimidating. When you’re ready to level up, try Joe Black’s sophisticated pin-dot suit. The richer and more complex the texture, the more attention it commands.

Win A $1,000 Joe Black A/W16 Wardrobe

Joe Black is famous for affordable prices. The suits (from $695), shirts ($129), ties ($99), and more bring luxury within everyone’s reach. But what if we said you could score a dapper new wardrobe for free? It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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