Cool Melbourne Date Ideas To Satisfy Every Type Of Lover

Dating never looked so easy.

Cool Melbourne Date Ideas To Satisfy Every Type Of Lover

You’ve seen it all before. Some snotty writer from an online publication telling people where they should take their potential significant other in the hopes that they’ll become a significant other.

The result? You don’t read past the first par because a ‘picnic and bike ride’ is quite a bad idea in hindsight – and the writer’s probably single and writing from a dungeon. Thankfully we prefer basements and also know a thing or two about polygamy chivalry in the modern age. Here are Melbourne’s coolest date ideas based on the type of person your date is.

The Old School Lover

Astor Theatre

For the traditionalist there’s no better spot to take a date in Melbourne than at St Kilda Pier. Plan your timing right and the sun may even come out to play so that all you’ll have to worry about is getting to know your date. If it’s theatrics you’re after then drop into Astor Theatre, the city’s only classic single screen movie theatre. Both are conveniently located in St Kilda.

The Fitness Junkie

Abbotsford Convent

So you’re dating a self-professed adrenalin junkie. Well you better get your bearings right and treat them to a date they won’t forget anytime soon. Try a spot of rock climbing At Bayside Rock Climbing or a scenic run around Abbotsford Convent. Loser buys dinner.

The Foodie Hypebeast

Burch & Purchese

Foodies are notoriously picky when it comes to food so make sure you impress them with a visit to Melbourne’s sweets and dessert mecca known as Burch & Purchese. If it’s a taste of adventure you’re after then sign up with Secret Foodies, a collective who stage impromptu dinners at some of the city’s most eclectic locations. You don’t know where, you don’t know when, but when that SMS comes in on the day summoning your presence, you better be ready to grab your date for a dining experience.

The Introverted

NGV International

For those who revel in peace, quiet and minimal human interaction there’s only two places to hit up with a date and that’s NGV International for a stint of art and the Melbourne Observatory for a quiet night of star spotting.

The Hipster

Magic Mountain Saloon

With boundless laneways to explore and constantly changing artwork, Melbourne city itself is your playground so use it to your advantage whether it’s a walk down Duckboard Place, Hosier and Rutledge lanes, Centre Place, Flinders Court, Union Lane or Presgrave Place. When you’ve had enough exercise for the day, create some more magic at Magic Mountain Saloon for an unforgettable late night bar and eatery experience. Magic Mountain Saloon serves up salty, sweet and spicy delights, beers on tap and plenty of Melbourne hipster fun.

The High Maintenance

Werribee Park

Stroll Through Werribee Park against the backdrop of a Victorian era estate better known as Werribee Park Mansion. We promise it’s Instagram worthy and will put a smile on every high maintenance date you have in mind. When that’s all done, dinner calls at one of the city’s highest points at Eureka 89 for fine dining with a view.

The Drinker

Siglo rooftop

Take your date somewhere different with a cocktail making class from Melbourne’s Salona. At just $49 for a two hour lesson, she’ll have the greatest time of her life whilst learning something. If it’s a more relaxing time you’re after, hit up rooftop bar Siglo for some wine and one-on-one time.

The Night Owl

Curtain House Rooftop Cinema

Not one for calling it a night? Drop by the Curtain House Rooftop Cinema for a decent flick before retreating back to St. Jerome’s – The Hotel for a spot of luxury glamping on the rooftop. The stars have done half the job for you.

The Early Dozer

Darling Cafe

Dates don’t often happen in mornings but if yours is an early riser and prefers a courtship over the sound of coffee machines then Darling is the spot to be. Great espressos and Instagram-friendly food which tastes as good as it looks wins out. And hopefully you will too.

The NFI Lover

Go hard or go home

When you have NFI what your date is into then it’s time to go big or go home. No seriously, invite them over to your place for a home cooked meal. There’s nothing sexier than a man who can handle his ladle and work his way into a date’s stomach.