The Handbag Test – What Men Need To Know

Hell for leather.

The Handbag Test – What Men Need To Know

You’re out on the town, you’ve hit it off, paid the bill, and just before you head outside she smiles at you and asks if you’d mind holding her handbag for a sec’. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. Little do you know it, but as Rebel Wilson revealed this morning on the Today Show, this is a clutch moment for your date. A test. A trial by portmanteau.

The Australian actress and producer appeared on channel 9’s Today Show this morning to discuss her upcoming movie roles and projects. But not before letting slip one of her favourite dating moves: the handbag test. According to the Bridesmaids star, this is a subtle way for women to discover whether Tinder bae really is as ‘woke’ as they claim in their bio.

“There’s an amazing trick when you’re on a date, you might ask the guy like: can you just hold my bag for a second, or can you just hold my jacket for a second? Then of course, normally they say yes. If they say no then that means… get rid of that dude.”

It also, when she finds a man who is willing to hold the bag, creates a moment of extra connection in the date, she says, claiming: “It makes them feel more wanted”.

Okay this is taking it too far

Interviewer Richard Wilkins is left wondering why this is necessary: “You’re a Hollywood movie star. I would’ve thought you’d have blokes queuing up.”

“Yeah but it’s really difficult… normally the people that approach you are the really confident cocky ones, the regular dudes don’t normally come up,” before slipping back into her trademark humour: “I just want a guy who’s nice, you know, maybe talented or, yeah, not got a criminal record… something like that.”

Sort of acceptable

While this move has clearly helped Rebel: “I’ve been using my tricks and it’s been working. It’s been totally working in LA,” on Twitter, opinion is divided.

Despite this, some saw it as a positive sign.

And others took a different tack altogether.

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