David Beckham Shows You How To Bear The Desert Heat & Still Look Smooth AF

Keeping it cool when things heat up.

It was supposed to be all about the motor racing this weekend in Bahrain but somehow David Beckham managed to slide in and take some of that glory, not least for his impeccable summer suit that was made to take on the desert heat.

The English football star stepped out with the Red Bull Racing crew on race day rocking the perfect summer suit combination complete with some very sharp separates.

The suit consisted of sand coloured linen trousers paired with a cream white blazer and pinstripe blue shirt sans tie. Even the dress shoes were shod in brown suede for that extra touch of sartorial goodness that Beckham is so well known for. Finishing off this slick outfit is a contrasting yellow pocket square with polka dot patterning. Even Beckham button game was strong with the heat allowing for a mandatory button down of the shirt and a sweet pair of sun glasses.

So if you’ve ever wondered the secret to adding a bit of elegance to your pared down suit, this is it. Remember: fit comes first, then choosing the right colour and then adding accessories.

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