David Beckham Rocked The Most Casual Sneakers With A Suit To The Dior Party

What are those???

If you’re David Beckham you could make a potato sack look good. Thankfully, Beckham didn’t need to resort to that this time around. Lending him a hand in the wardrobe department was Dior’s new creative director of menswear, Kim Jones.

The result? Head-to-toe in Dior, naturally. This included a black double breasted blazer with the unique omission of the six-button design in favour of just two. It’s a more casual look helped by Beckham’s omission of a tie with a white dress shirt buttoned all the way up.

What’s a standout though is his kicks. Those aren’t Converse/Jack Purcells you’re looking at – those are the latest designer sneakers from Dior’s winter 2018 collection featuring embroidered patchwork fabric throughout. Paired to the suit, it’s an interesting look which straddles the fine line between casual, formal and fashionisto.

Given the festive, almost nightclub aesthetic of the men’s 2019 pre-fall launch party, the look certainly works especially alongside louder style purveyors like A$AP Rocky. Feeling inspired? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to wear sneakers with a suit.