David Beckham Shares FinisherExercise That Keeps The Dad Bod Away… Even At 45

Big Shoulder Energy.

David Beckham‘s health and fitness credentials scarcely need an introduction. The man is a football legend, a perennially fit style icon and – as of this year – a member of F45.

He’s also a proud father of four children, long retired from his duties of being England’s most prominent right foot, and yet – despite no shortage of paparazzi interest in his every move – we’re yet to see a photo surface of Golden Balls with anything even close to a Dad Bod.

The 45-year-old has been keeping fit this year, joining 2020’s hottest fitness trend as well as working out from home with his wife Victoria. He has also been taking to Instagram to provide snapshots of his routine.

Enter: his latest Instagram post, posted on Wednesday night (UK time), which shows followers a bit more of what he’s been up to. The photo shows Beckham doing tricep dips “as a finisher,” which he claims to “really hate.”

In response, his trainer @mrbobbyrich wrote in the comments, “Behave, you were repping them out like you loved them!”. On his own personal profile, Rich elaborated on Beckham’s fitness routine of late, writing, “Despite lockdown disrupting a short stint and having to take our sessions online, for the past 8 weeks David has trusted me and smashed everything I’ve chucked at him out of the park!”

A Golf Tour physio Michael Murray jumped in on Rich’s photo, writing, “Get that left shoulder girdle fired up though too @mrbobbyrich it’s looking a bit unstable there,” to which Rich said “love the advice.”

Rich was not alone in jumping in the comments on Beckham’s post, with remarks flowing in thick and fast. Some were a bit rude (“the morning after eating mexican food”), but many others were inspired (see: “smashing it” and “no dad bod with Becks”).

Tricep dips can provide a host of benefits, strengthening – aside from obviously, the triceps – the Pectoralis Major (the main muscle on the upper chest), the Trapezius (the triangular muscle that extends from the neck to the shoulder to the middle back) and the Serratus Anterior (the muscle on the surface of the upper eight or nine ribs).

The real question now is whether this ‘finisher’ exercise is harder than the previous exercise Beckham posted to his Instagram grid – running with a weight vest. You be the judge…

Watch how to get lean like David Beckham below

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