David Goggins Shares Brutal Assault Bike Workout

"Don’t ever question the truth behind what I say I do and my ability to go the distance. You will end up in severe cardiac arrest!"

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Watch Goggins sweat it out on the assault bike in the video below.

David Goggins is a man on a mission. A fitness lover, more than a phenomenon, he transformed his life, he says, through sheer hard work, going from being overweight and working in pest control to being a Navy Seal and then an ultra-endurance athlete.

But even someone like him ought to struggle after two hours on an assault bike, you might think (after lasting barely 20 minutes yourself). Well, I hate to break it to you, but you’d be wrong. Goggins took to Instagram on Friday to share an “insane” sounding exercise he just casually does “sometimes.”

As part of a longer Instagram post, Goggins wrote: “I hate showing off but sometimes people just love running their mouths. In a simple conversation with someone, they asked me about working out. So I told him…I told this guy I sometimes go to the gym and get on the assault bike for two hours at 80rpms.”

“While this sounds absolutely insane to most people, this is just the kind of shit I do. This is how far I have pushed my mind and body everyday for the last 20 years therefore I don’t even think it is a big deal.”

“P.S. Before I got on this bike, I was on the stairclimber for 45 minutes at a level 13-14 using no hands to brace myself and then quickly transitioned to the assault bike for an easy 30 minutes between 81-85 rpms. Burned 637 calories on the assault bike in that 30 minutes so do the math!”

The video seemed to have been inspired by a boxer, who apparently claimed to be able to match Goggins’ furious workouts.

“You Don’t Know Me, Son!” Goggins began the post. “I am only talking to one person here and he knows who he is- but, it is all fun and games, KINDA!!!!”

“A lot of people talk mad shit out here who claim to be motivators. This is why I keep the hardest shit I do to myself because it may seem unbelievable or exaggerated to a lot of people. I back all my shit up with proof.”

“Don’t ever question the truth behind what I say I do and my ability to go the distance. You will end up in severe cardiac arrest! So by all means, I can not wait to have you beside me on an assault bike in the near future. It will be a lesson you will never, ever forget. This is not a joke my friend, this is my life.”

This isn’t the first time Goggins has shared workout motivation and advice from the seat of a bicycle, or gym bike, as you can see below.

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The assault bike is the “it” bike for low-impact, high-output cardio exercise, and is commonly known in Crossfit and F45 circles as an instrument of torture (and ego-driven competition).

Some even call it the “devil’s bicycle.” As Trifecta puts it: “No matter how long you spend on the Assault bike, one thing is true of athletes of all ages, fitness levels and experience – it sucks.”

They add four tips for those wanting to improve their assault bike performance: consider your height, adjust accordingly, create a rhythm and work efficiently.

Got it? Good. Now go take some souls