US Rapper Denzel Curry Blasts Qantas For Losing His Bags

Was the new album on there!?

US Rapper Denzel Curry Blasts Qantas For Losing His Bags

US rapper Denzel Curry has started freestylin’ on Qantas on Twitter, demanding the Australian airline find his lost bags immediately and enlisting the public to put pressure on the Flying Roo to jump to it…

Denzel Curry, the American rapper behind such hits as Ultimate, ULT and Walkin,’ who has been in Autralia to perform at such festivals as Field Day, has taken to Twitter to skewer the Australian airline Qantas for losing his bags.

Last night he wrote on Twitter: “EVERYONE TWEET AT @Qantas AND TELL THEM TO FIND MY BAG ASAP.”

For good measure he added: “Find My Bags @Qantas Find My Bags!” and jumped onto a post by Qantas about flying into 2023 dubbing it “leaving bags in 2023.”

A Jetstar employee named Katie responded to Denzel, writing: “Hi Denzel, as this involved one of our flights last night, we wanted to let you know we’re urgently looking into this. Once your bag is located it will be delivered to you. We’re really sorry for what’s happened, please DM us if you need further help. Thanks Katie.”

She added: “Hey Denzel, good news – we’ve found your bag. But we’re having trouble reaching you using the contact details on your booking. Please DM us to confirm your delivery address so we can get it to you ASAP. We’re sorry again for the inconvenience.”

One Twitter user backed Denzel up, writing: “If they don’t find the bag I’m personally taking the little kangaroo logo off of every plane they have btw.”

Other Twitter users chimed in to share Denzel’s woes, with one writing: “My bag broke in Jan last year on @Qantas and I still got nothin.”

Yet others bemoaned the fact that we don’t all have 678.5k followers to bully airlines (and their subsidiary budget carriers) into finding our bags.

The real question though is: why is Denzel Curry flying Jetstar?

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