Stockholm Channels Fifty Shades Of Grey In DesignFolder Apartment

DesignFolder Apartment

Sweden is renowned for its immaculately minimalistic approach to home design. And any design for that matter.

The latest humble abode to join those ranks is the Frejgatan Apartment, a residential project penned by DesignFolder in 2016. The Stockholm space sees its most striking feature as a perfect balance between brushed gunmetal steel, light wooden floorboards and lashings of exposed grey in various finishes of concrete and marble.

In any other situation the space would be too dark for the average dweller but in true Scandinavian fashion DesignFolder have built in natural lighting all over the house to really highlight the beautiful textures and statement artwork pieces.

To ensure the space isn’t overrun with a feeling of dreariness, greenery is strategically placed throughout the home to offset the grey and organic appointments. Even the bathroom doesn’t escape the Scandinavian touch with leather handles paired with black wooden drawers.

Not a bad way to live out the colder seasons up north at all.

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