History's Most Iconic Sneakers Drawn With Just One Line

Think you’re a lost-cause as an artist because you only draw stick figures? Now would be a good time to reconsider. The illustrators over at design studio Differantly have drawn a selection of the world’s most iconic sneakers using only one line.

The two French artists behind the studio have distilled memorable kicks from Nike, Puma, Reebok, and more down to their essence. Each drawing is created without pen leaving paper, resulting in whimiscal swirled sketches composed from a sole unbroken line. Though clearly minimalist, the images are surprisingly complex and peppered with clever details.

“We often explore the concept of continuity through one continuous line creations. We are very attached to this drawing technique as it obliges to make strong choices and seek for efficiency with as little as possible,” explains Differantly. “Even though our creations are sleek and minimalist, our creative process comprises several phases, some of them being visually rich and complex. We always need a maturation time to let go what’s not substantive and make sure what remains is meaningful and has its own intrinsic beauty.”

Check out a few of their designs above and view the full collection on Differantly.com.