How To Turn A DM Slide Into A Business Opportunity

We would be pleased with the tender...

If flirting is an art, most messages Instagram influencers receive on a daily basis are abstract monstrosities. However, if you are more interested in the comedic (and potentially financial) value of responding to a salacious direct message; don’t go anywhere. Why? Because if improvisation is an art, this cool exchange between Ash Williams and a ‘big’ fan is a masterpiece.

After having been on the other end of the process (teaching us how to get on the radar of a model with over 100k followers), Ash Williams recently found himself being wooed on the platform that may soon overtake Tinder in terms of ‘hookups facilitated’—Instagram. As you might expect, the Aussie comedian embraced this “heating up” of his DM’s, even considering the cheeky back n’ forth worthy of a standalone post.

“Did I mention you’re so much more attractive than a Hemsworth? Including Chris,” is the first message Ash receives (or at least the first one we see screenshotted).

“Thank you so much! Means a lot,” Ash replies.


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My Instagram DMs are heating up 🔥

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The suiter then finds out Ash is single, presumably raising his pulse (and that of the 57k people reading along) to nerve-racking levels. The situation quickly deflates, however, when he realises Ash is straight.

“Damn it. Swear to god, my love life is a constant circle of pursuing straight men. I seriously need to change my type.”

To which Ash responds, in trademark style, “You got cash?”, prompting his followers to ask: “What’s the asking price going to be?”

Goals, fellas. Goals.

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