Coolest Designer Dog Beds For Man's Best Friend

Get Wolfie his own bed and keep your sheets slobber free.

Man’s best friend may be the dog, but you don’t always want to share a bed or your couch with your slobbering pooch.

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From donuts, nests and orthopaedic beds to heated and raised varieties, there are almost as many types of beds as there are breeds of dog. Get Wolfie his own bed and keep your sheets slobber free with our list of designer dog beds which won’t look out of place in any man cave.

Letto Dog Bed


When your dog has a better bed than you, you know it’s time for a proper shout out. The Letto Dog Bed is a prime example of spoiling your best four legged friend. Designed by Belgian interior and product designer Gerd Couckhuyt, the Letto Dog Bed features an aluminium frame with raised side walls to keep dogs comfortable and warm in outdoor environments. It also comes in a natural wood finish to suit your own home. The mattress meanwhile is finished in foam and polyester wadding with 100% Trevira CS fabric upholstery. Your dog will thank you for it later.

BUY $970

Sleepy By Cloud 7


You won’t need to hide Cloud 7 in the laundry when guests come by because this display-grade bed is a beauty. The rococo-style design is Teflon coated and comes with a machine-washable cushion. Dogs of all sizes will have a heavenly night’s sleep on the Cloud 7. Made from a hemp and cotton blend, the tweed design is complimented with leather handles.

BUY $269+

Huts & Bay Ivory Pet Teepee


For the dog who covets his privacy is the Huts and Bay Pet Teepee. This bespoke doggie bed is hand made using a NZ pine frame and Oxford cotton exterior. The tent fabric comes in a number of prints, so finding one to suit your interiors is easy. A reversible cushion and durable materials coated wire poles round out the teepees features. It can endure both indoor and outdoor conditions.

BUY $145

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge


This mid-range bolster bed has it all: orthopaedic memory foam, non-skid bottom, waterproof inner lining and a water/tear resistant covering (machine washable). The 3-inch mattress is sturdy enough for small and medium sized dogs.

BUY $130

Lion + Wolf Dog Bed


Coming in a dazzling array of geometric designs, Lion + Wolf’s products are some of the finest beds you can give your dog without disturbing the hard-earned design aesthetic of your own home. And just because they look good, it doesn’t mean they don’t work either. The creators have ensured durability is on par with the designs so that repeated digging and washing won’t diminish its original form.


Antoinette Fusilli Pet Sofa


Is your pooch pooped? An afternoon snooze in the Antoinette pet sofa is just what the vet ordered. It’s kind of extravagant, and a little bit ridiculous, but your canine will be delighted. The elegant Antoinette is built around a solid oak frame and boasts a Teflon-treated fabric covering for easy cleaning and dirt resistance.

BUY $514

MDK9 Dog Haus


Not all dogs are born equal and if yours rules the home then it’s deserving of a mansion. The MDK9 Dog Haus is a designer dog’s dream crib featuring Brazilian teak wood and powder coated steel construction and a brushed aluminium name plate for your canine friend. The interior of the MDK9 also comes with a Jax & Bones luxe memory foam pillow in various colours to your dog’s liking. An integrated dog bowl finishes things off nicely to ensure Otis won’t ever leave home.

BUY $3,650